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Inaugural lectures form a key part of the academic community at Leeds Beckett, and enable our staff to showcase their research to a university-wide audience. 

The lectures also provide a networking opportunity for staff from across Leeds Beckett and from the external academic world, offering valuable scope to establish new collaborations, and to generate awareness of the value and breadth of our research.

Recent Inaugural Lectures

"What Makes Customers 'Click' and 'Buy' from a New-to-market e-store?" - Professor Prithwiraj Nath

"Evidence based teaching: An opportunity for Teachers' Agency or a Case of Robots Building Robots?" - Professor Carey Philpott

"Dementia's Coming of Age" - Professor Claire Surr

"From Anti-doping to Clean Sport" - Professor Susan Backhouse

"Symptoms of Modernity: Giovanni Battista Piranesi's Project of Space" - Professor Teresa Stoppani

"Corporate Social Responsibility and Effectiveness Measurement" - Professor Martin Samy

"Is there a light on, behind what we know?" - Professor David Carless

"The Emerging Role of Urban Forestry in the New European Urbanism" - Professor Alan Simson

"Bridging the Building Fabric Performance Gap" - Professor David Johnston

"Can sport prevent match fixing and retain its integrity?" - Professor Simon Gardiner

Inaugural Lectures

Lecture to examine post-apocalyptic fiction

Fiction tackling the theme of the end of the world as we know it will be on the agenda when Susan Watkins delivers her inaugural lecture as Professor of Women’s Writing at Leeds Beckett University.