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Echochroma New Music Research Group

Echochroma New Music Research Group

The Echochroma new music research group consists of four composers and technologists whose work is having an increasing impact in the contemporary music scene, with recent performances, prizes and conference presentations across the globe. Their work spans the fields of composition, contemporary musicology and technology, reaching to the outer limits of these disciplines to cross creative and technological boundaries. The body of work deals with the development of compositional language, tools and methodology through practice-led research. Engagement with digital technology is central to the group's creative output and scholarship, including the innovative application of existing technologies as well as the development new tools and applications.

Live Cell

Livecell is a system for the interactive real-time composition and performance of music for a live string quartet, developed by Kingsley Ash and Dr Nikos Stavropoulos. Users interact with a touch screen to create and destroy cells in a continuously evolving artificial life simulation based on cellular automata. The state of these cells is continuously translated into a musical score, which is then transmitted over the network to the musicians' laptops to be performed by the string quartet live as it appears on their screens.

Sound Toys

Developed by Dr Andrew Dolphin, these sound toys can be considered as interactive, sonic-centric systems in which the end user may trigger, generate, modify or transform sound. Playful approaches to composition offered by sound toys provide a novice user access to composition through symbolic representation of often complex underlying systems. The visual domain becomes a dynamic and artful animated user interface for player exploration of sound and/or music.

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Sound Toys Table

  SpiralSet: A spectral sound toy. A computer game engine is used to create an        animated interface which drives a realtime additive synthesis system built using  Max/MSP/Jitter.

  MagNular: A collaborative sound toy in which players operate virtual magnets to  create sound particle object collisions, resulting in clusters of sonic events. For 1-4    players.

ResOscope: Another spectral sound toy for player exploration and traversal through sound spectra. Symbolic control of interpolating phase vocoders using an animated interface.


The project, developed by Kingsley Ash, seeks to develop novel data analysis tools for the scientific community as well as new creative output in the form of musical works. The project aims to bring together leading research in arts and science to promote the public understanding of the complex scientific data that underpins some of the most important issues facing the world today.