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Postcolonial Cultures

Postcolonial Cultures

Led by Dr Emily Marshall

Postcolonial Cultures is an interdisciplinary stand of the centre dedicated to an examination of the impact of colonialism on global cultures. It explores the ways in which colonialism has shaped the world and examines how cultures function in its aftermath. In particular, we will be focusing on migration and asking how people articulate their identities today in a fast-changing, multicultural, globalised society.

The close examination of cultural productions such as films, the media and literature will allow us to explore how identities are influenced and formed by cultural representations. Through this analysis we will endeavour to better understand how people come to terms with the traumatic legacies of colonialism as well as celebrate the creativity which has emerged from global cross-cultural fertilisation. We hope to continually engage with current debates concerning neocolonialism and the continuing struggles and inequities of the postcolonial world to engender stimulating academic study, public debate and knowledge dissemination.

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