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Gareth Southgate
In this blog post, Professor Stephen Wagg explores the challenge that Gareth Southgate faces as he is confirmed as the England football manager.

Putting Leeds' Goth Scene into Perspective
On the evening of 16 November, in his role as an expert researcher on alternative music and sub-cultures, Karl Spracklen, Professor of Music, Leisure and Culture, was lined up with three other experts to discuss the history of the goth scene in Leeds, and its future.

Social Media: a New Site for Racism in Football
Irrespective of the credibility of claims that racist abuse has been largely eradicated from football stadiums, there is growing evidence of a large volume of abuse circulating among the ‘prosumers’ (producers and consumers) of social media, say Professor Jonathan Long and Dr Dan Kilvington in today’s blog post.

White Lies about Race and Education
On Wednesday 19 October, Leeds Beckett University held its fifth Annual Race Lecture as David Gillborn, Professor of Critical Race Studies and Director of the Centre for Research in Race and Education (CRRE) at the University of Birmingham, presented his talk: ‘White lies: things we’re told about race and education that aren’t true.’ In this blog post, Professor Kevin Hylton, Chair of Leeds Beckett’s Race Equality and Diversity Forum, and Professor Jonathan Long, share their thoughts on the topics raised.

Homophobia in Sport - a Response
In this post, Professor Kevin Hylton and Professor Stephen Wagg respond to a recent BBC survey looking at whether sports fans would be comfortable with their club signing a gay player and comments made by Football Association chairman Greg Clarke.

Social Scientists Can Change the World
Professor Jonathan Long attended the Yorkshire chapter of the Academy of Social Sciences on Wednesday 12 October, hosted by the University of York. In this blog post, he reflects on the issues raised at the meeting, including debating the ways in which social scientists can change the world.

How Close are Sport and the Arts
In this blog post, Professor Jonathan Long reflects on a recent event held in Bristol, as part of a national research network led by Leeds Beckett University examining the potential economic, social and cultural benefits of bringing together sport and the arts more effectively.

Tackling Discrimination in Sport
Leeds Beckett University recently hosted the second annual Sport and Discrimination conference, which brought together academics, campaigners and practitioners specialising in examining and challenging racism, sexism, homophobia, disability and class within their sports and fields. Organiser, Dr Dan Kilvington, blogs about the successful event and looks forward to next year’s conference.

Minority Ethnic Communities Experiencing Hate Crime
The level of hate crime increased in the UK in the febrile atmosphere of the Referendum campaign and community tensions rose. According to the National Police Chiefs’ Council the reporting of hate crime then continued to rise and reached a peak during July when it was 58 per cent higher than the equivalent period in 2015.

The Road to Rio: Some Thoughts on Olympic Politics
In this blog post, Professor Stephen Wagg in the School of Sport at Leeds Beckett, offers his thoughts on the politics of the Olympics ahead of the Games in Rio this summer.

Drawing the Arts and Sport Together
In this blog post, Professor Jonathan Long talks about a series of seminars that form part of a national research network which is exploring the potential benefits of bringing together sport and the arts more effectively.

Is Leisure the Key to Making Migrants Feel at Home
In today’s blog post, Professor Jonathan Long considers how universities can help our UK cities to be a welcoming place for refugees and asylum seekers and help them to become integrated into their new communities.

Sport as a Space for Women
In this blog post Professor Jonathan Long and Dr Leanne Norman look at how male power still dominates the world of sport.

Informal Cricket Shows Love of the Game
In this blog post Carnegie researchers Professor Jonathan Long and Professor Kevin Hylton assess the popularity of informal cricket by South Asian cricketers and explore how their research gives increased insights into the community’s approach to the game.

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