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Theory and Methodologies

Researching diversity, equity and inclusion reflects critical engagement with theories and methodologies and raises some key questions and challenges.

Our work under this theme emanates from praxis where we seek effective ways to gather and theorise data and disseminate findings across a range of contexts associated with social justice. We encourage and employ a range of theoretical perspectives, and methods that incorporates traditional and innovative approaches. We contribute to the development of new and emerging theoretical perspectives, and to research methods literature and critiques.

The Meaning and Purpose of Leisure

This book and its sequel, Constructing Leisure, both written by Spracklen, use Jurgen Habermas's work to situate leisure and critical studies of leisure as meaningful and valuable in the twenty-first century.

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'Race' and Sport: Critical Race Theory

Applied to the world of sport, this book uses a Critical Race Theory framework to reveal the underlying social norms, mores and institutionalized prejudices that have helped perpetuate those racialised relations particular to sport.

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Using narratives to address issues of equity and difference in physical education, youth sport and health

The book confronts and illuminates issues of equity and difference through the innovative use of narrative method, telling stories of difference that enable students, academics and professionals alike to engage emotionally and cognitively with the subject.

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Developing Performative and arts-based methods in social science

This research project focuses on two related issues: how arts-based methods can contribute to analysis of social science ‘data’ and the potential of performative methods to enhance the communication of social science research.

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Policies and Practice

Our analyses of, and attempts to influence, policy and practice reflect our interest in principles of social justice.

Our interest in disadvantage is reflected in research from the perspective of critical social science that ranges from addressing the health divide to promoting equality in and through sport, leisure, and culture, from developing professional practice to widening access and participation.

Sport for Development: Monitoring and Evaluation

Much of the work was funded by UK Sport and Comic Relief and was undertaken in Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, India (Mumbai and Calcutta) and with seven projects in the UK.

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Systematic Review of Participation by Black and Minority Ethnic Groups in Sport and Active Recreation

Although the field of sport and ethnicity is still under-researched, the body of evidence has grown considerably in recent years as ethnic issues have assumed a higher political profile.

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The British Library 'Race', Ethnicity and Sport Collection

Kevin Hylton is working with the British Library to select key web resources of research interest to form the basis of the ‘Race’, Ethnicity and Sport Collection.

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The Impact of School Sport Partnerships on High Quality Physical Education and School Sport for Young People

School sport partnerships have been at the centre of a national strategy for Physical Education and School Sport in England for seven years, aiming to improve both the range and quality of opportunities for young people to be physically active.

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Young Peoples Experiences of Physical Education and Sport

Sport physical activity and physical culture in the lives of looked after children

Drawing from participatory methods and the mosaic approach, this research explores the lived sport, physical activity and physical education experiences of looked-after children.

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Same-Sex Attraction in Young Men in Sport

This autoethnographic research project explores challenging and ethically sensitive issues around sexual orientation and sexual identity among young men in school and youth sport.

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Telling Tales of Difference?: Exploring South Asian, Muslim girls' experiences of PE and physical activity

Using an intersectional framework this PhD research explores what South Asian Muslim girls have to say about their PE experiences.

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Sport Migration and Diasporic Communities

This theme explores the influence of empire and its effects on the development of sporting identities.

Our research activity has been informed by this and critical sociological studies in relation to football, cricket and global sporting events. More recent concerns have examined globalisation in relation to sport, and the effects of European Union and African diasporic movements and resettlement on sport and leisure choices.

The vanishing social clubs of Liverpool 8

This DEI-funded research concerned Liverpool’s legacies of racism and territorialisation, particularly music and leisure spaces.

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New Migrants' Experiences of Leisure and Sport

We are interested in the social processes involved in people’s leisure lives and the ways in which they may facilitate or frustrate efforts to negotiate the transitions of migration.

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Sport and Leisure Cultures and Identities

Diversity, equity and inclusion are central to debates about leisure spaces, subcultures and identities. We are interested in the meaning and purpose of sport as leisure, and leisure as part of popular culture, and leisure as geography: research interests range from sports fandom to the cultural place of pop music genres/scenes.

Cricket, ‘whiteness’ and British South Asians

The research identified a number of fascinating relationships between respondents, their attachment to the sport, and their perceptions of the role of cricket in constructing, reinforcing and challenging dominant racial tropes of sporting rationalities.

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Body Narratives in Sport and Physical Activity

How we learn to inhabit different bodies and know them over time is a complex relational process framed by the sports and physical activities we engage with and the social categories to which we belong.

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An Examination of Taste Cultures: the case of 'Opera Man'

Using the lens of Bourdieu’s cultures of taste this research examined the coming together of an unlikely mix: opera and rugby league.

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Interrupted Body Projects in Sport and the Narrative Reconstruction of Self

This research project, therefore, focuses on the role that narrative plays in shaping the ways in which athletes who have encountered serious injury or illness reconstruct their body-self-other relationships over time.

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Coaching and Compulsory Heterosexuality: The Experiences of Lesbian Coaches

This research study was a qualitative exploration of women’s experiences of professional coaching, specifically focussing upon how their lives were individually organised along the power relations of sexual orientation and gender.

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Gender and equestrian sport

Equestrian sport is unusual in that it is one of the few competitive sports in which men and women compete against each other on equal terms at all levels of competition, and offers an interesting site for exploring gender relations within sport/leisure.

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Reclaiming Liverpool One: Music, Leisure and Urban Space

Cities remain challenging spaces for young people to negotiate cultural identities through music and leisure. This DEI-Funded research involved a collaborative ‘urban music’ (rap, hip-hop, R’nB, soul, grime, and dubstep genres).

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British Asian Females Racialised and Gendered Experiences of Identity and Womens Football

In 2002, the film ‘Bend it like Beckham’ was released in England, propelling the visibility of women’s football and British Asian women who played the game. Capturing this surge in popular interest, my PhD studies aimed to unpack stereotypical assumptions.

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Masculinity and dance

This research examines intersectionalities of gender, race and class as experienced and performed through dance.

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Nazi Punks Folk Off

Far-right activists have attempted to infiltrate and use music scenes to propagate their racialised ideologies. This project by Spracklen explores attempts by the far right to co-opt black metal and English folk.

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Black and Minority Ethnic Students' Experiences of Physical Education Teacher Education

This research project explored the experiences of black and minority ethnic students’ experiences of Physical Education teacher education.

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Master Women Coaches' Experiences of the Coaching Culture

The purpose of this study, grounded in feminist cultural studies, was to interrogate the paucity of women in high performance coaching.

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