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Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility (CGLGR)

The Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility

Two decades of governance and leadership crises across all sectors; two decades of reports and 'solutions'; and are we any the wiser?

The Centre for Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility has been set up to explore why theory, value and practice of responsible leadership and governance is still not effectively integrated, why the failures keep happening, and how we can more effectively develop responsible leadership and governance. The Centre's president is Mervyn King (Chair of the King Report on Governance 2009). 

At its heart, the Centre aims to provide challenging conversation across all sectors, stimulating an ongoing public debate about the nature and practice of responsibility.

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Guest lecture series 2015-16
This year's lecture series will showcase eminent leaders from different sectors and kick-start dialogue and debate on what leadership in the 21st Century involves. At the heart of the lecture series is the question, what is the responsibility of leaders? - Not just in relation to their organisations, but to wider society. All of our guest lectures are free to attend. 

3rd November 2015: Developing Leaders in the British Army – giving our leaders the edge for the battles of the future, by Major General S R Skeates

10th November 2015: Can Culture be Audited?, by Nicola Rimmer

19th November 2015: Corruption: The Economic and Ethical Challenge, by Laurence Cockcroft

Governance Leadership and Global Responsibility Centre launch

Highlights of the launch of the Governance, Leadership and Global Responsibility Centre.
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