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We have three interrelated objectives to develop:

  • thought and practice in integrative Responsible Governance and Leadership
  • integrative professional formation and university teaching
  • mutual partnerships between Higher Education, professions and business, including consultancy and shared research.

The first of these seeks to explore the integration of cognate concepts such as CSR business ethics, integrity, identity, reputation, responsible governance and leadership. What do these ideas look like in practice and how can they be effectively integrated through tools such as integrated reporting, the development of cultures and codes, interagency governance and so on?

The second seeks to explore the dynamics of research and learning, the related attributes, virtues and skills, and how they can be integrated with professional practice.

The third looks to the practice of dialogue, critical, caring and creative, and how different sectors can work together to embrace the complexity of leadership and governance through the practice of independent thinking, mutual accountability and shared responsibility. This aims to bridge the false polarisation of theory and practice.

We have six active research streams, in:

Other developing research streams include:

Other streams are in development and we welcome any enquiries about research.