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Our PhD Community

Postgraduate Students

    Arabella Ashfield: Athlete flourishing and the affirmative narrative.   

    Melissa Bargh: Thermal discomfort during high intensity intermittent activity: effects on thirst, fluid balance and current hydration recommendations.

    Tim Bennett: Technique of soccer kicking.                       

    Christopher Black: Effects of match play and training loads on acute and chronic fatigue in rugby league players.                       

    Amy Brightmore: Evaluation of movement and physiological demands of rugby league referees.  

    James Brighton: Narratives of disability, sport, and the body.
    Helen Brown: Media expectations in high performance sport.

    Mathew Butterworth: Exercise and nutritional based interventions to age-related sarcopenia.
    Mark Cooke: Physiological changes at high altitude: hormonal imbalance and hydration status.
    Andrew Daly-Smith: The impact of acute and chronic physical activity on cognitive function in obese young people.   

    Joshua Darrall-Jones: Physiological and anthropometric characteristics of academy rugby league and union players; relationship to match play performance.   
    Alexandra Dimitrakopoulou: Labral tears of the hip in athletes.            

    Matthew Emmerson: An evaluation of the coaches’ use and understanding of the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model.

    Stacey Emmonds: Physiological and movement demands of rugby league referees: implications for decision-making accuracy.
    Kelsey Erickson: Risk and protective factors for doping in sport: A cross-national qualitative investigation.

    Lisa Gannon: Sport and the spine:  A study of dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry assessment techniques and bone mineral density in male sports performers.    

    Kirstie Grace: The biomechanics of the field hockey drag flick in women.   

    Helen Gravestock: Musculoskeletal profiles and neuromuscular function in a diverse group of elite athletes.

    Paul Harlow: Glycogen repletion and rehydration: The effects on fluid restoration, fuel utilisation and close proximity performance.  

    Katrina Hinde: Load carriage practices worldwide or physiological and mechanical effects of load carriage in extreme environments.
    Christopher Hughes: The senses, the physically active body and the self: An ethnographic study.

    Mohamed Husain: Factors leading to the development of hip impingement.   

    Andrew Jennings: Corruption in international sport: A psychological approach to the identification of risk factors and anti-corruption strategies
    Nils Jongerius: Physiological and mechanical adaptations in response to alterations of pedalling technique in cyclists.                                                               
    Andrew King: The effect of carbohydrate ingestion during exercise on liver and muscle glycogen oxidation.       

    Lorena Lozano: Characteristics of effective community interventions to promote physical activity with asymptomatic adults.   

    James Matu: The effects of dietary intervention strategies on adaptation to extreme environmental exposure.  

    Stephen McKeown: The role of functional stability in acquiring and developing fundamental movement skills (overarm throw).       
    Rhys Morris: The effect of maturation status on the adaptation to strength and conditioning training in adolescent athletes.

    Eoin Murray: Does sport build character? The role of the coach in young peoples’ moral development     

    Lynne-Marie Partington: Family stories of ageing bodies and their influence on older women’s identities and understanding of physical activity in their lives:  A phenomenological-narrative analysis.  

    Suzanne Peacock: Evaluation of a five day adaptive sport and adventure training programme for wounded, injured or sick service personnel.    

    Padraic Phibbs: Quantification and evaluation of training load in adolescent rugby union players.    

    Lysander Pollitt: Progressive unstable surface drop jumping: Effects on tolerating greater heights for performance.
    Dale Read: Effects of age, maturation status and playing level on the physiological, movement and skill demands during match play in academy rugby union players.    

    Nicola Reeve: Carbohydrate utilisation during prolonged exercise at simulated altitude.

    Gregory Roe: The acute and chronic effect of match-play on neuromuscular and biochemical fatigue and mood in academy rugby union players.    

    Fieke Rongen:  Talent identification and development in sport: a whole person approach to long-term programme impact and effectiveness.

    Evangelos Rousopoulos: An in depth analysis of physical and physiological characteristics of Greek Soccer.                            

    Oliver Shannon: Beetroot juice as an aid to exercise in hypoxia.
    Debbie Smith: Nutritional requirements of academy rugby players.

    Helen Staff: The coach's role in the development of athletes' coaching styles.
    Bengamin Taylor: The metabolic and performance effects of co-ingesting caffeine and carbohydrate both during and post exercise.

    EmmaTester: Optimising the nutritional status of rugby players.
    Shane Thurlow: The impact of hydration status on fluid shifts, electrolyte balance and performance in rugby players.        

    Jonathon Weakley: Short, medium and long-term adaptations to strength and conditioning training interventions in adolescent rugby players.    
    Phillippa Wood: Mental Toughness in sport and exercise: Clarifying a contested concept.                                         

Graduated students

Eva Detko: Carbohydrate-protein co-ingestion during short-term recovery: glycogen metabolism, substrate oxidation and exercise capacity.

Alex Dinsdale:  Post-activation potentiation: The interaction between movement patterns, mechanical loading and training procedures.

Brian Hanley: Biomechanical analysis of elite race walking.        

Ben Jones: Fluid balance and sodium homeostasis in rugby players.
Gareth Nicholson: The acute and chronic effects of manipulating set structure on maximal strength development.                                                                        
Laurie Patterson: Using a logic model approach to investigate anti-doping education for coaches.
Amanda Seims: The effects of pre-acclimatisation strategies and inspiratory muscle training on adaption to high altitude exposure.
Daniella Strauss: Performance analysis of shoe surface interaction in tennis assessed in situ.
Lisa Whitaker: Applying the prototype willingness model to doping in sport.
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