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Research Awards

You can choose from a wide range of research awards.

Masters of Research

(12 months full time/24 months part time)
(Master of Research - MRes)
A Masters by Research (MRes, MA, MSc) degree is ideal if you are in industrial or commercial employment and wish to undertake research and development on a part-time basis to solve problems or develop enhancements for work purposes.

Master of Philosophy

(18 months) (MPhil)
A Master of Philosophy (MPhil) is awarded to candidates who have completed (or are exempt from) an approved programme of research training; have investigated an evaluated or critically studied, an appropriate topic and demonstrated an understanding of research methods appropriate to the chosen field; and presented a satisfactory thesis.

Doctor of Philosophy 

(36 months full time/60 months part time) (PhD)
Our PhD route allows you to develop research over a three-year period, with an expectation that you'll contribute new knowledge to your field and that you'll disseminate your findings by means of peer reviewed output and thesis.Throughout your PhD journey, you will be supported with an approved programme of research training (RTP) to enable you to develop transferable skills for your future career path.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The title of doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is reserved for programmes of research focused on Business Administration and related subjects and professional practice.  Candidates will demonstrate appropriate professional experience.

PhD by existing published work

(12 months)
There is an option to submit for a PhD by Publication whereby you tender a series of your own, original creative work. These are likely to be academic or professional journal papers and which contribute to knowledge in your area of expertise and include a synoptic review. This review and the existing published work together form the thesis which you will defend by oral examination.

A Professional Doctorate 

(36 months part time) (DProf)
A DProf is suitable if you wish your doctoral research to be structured around a particular area of professional practice. Our University offers a number of Professional Doctorates, each requiring the candidate to investigate or critically study an approved topic and which, making a significant contribution to practice and or knowledge, will be the basis for a thesis which must be defended in an oral examination. These programmes are available over a four year period and are ideal for people already committed to a professional area and looking for recognition and further development at the highest level of professional and academic achievement.

Doctor of Education

(48 months part time) (EdD)
The title of Doctor of Education is reserved for programmes of research focused on education and professional practice in education. Candidates will demonstrate appropriate professional experience.

Doctorate of Engineering

(36 months part time) (DEng)

The title of Doctor of Engineering (DEng) is reserved for programmes of research focused on engineering and related subjects and professional practice in engineering.

Higher Doctorates

(Doctor of Laws LLD; Doctor of Letters Dlitt; Doctor of Science- DSc; Doctor of Technology Dtech)
Our University awards Higher Doctorates to applicants that have undertaken work of high distinction, which has contributed in an original and significant way to the advancement of knowledge.