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Student Research

Our Research Students

Our student community listed by their Director of Study

The following students are directed by Professor Cathy Barnes who is a professor in the Leeds Business School:

  • Brendan Emmerson: Envisioning the future of packaging
  • Liang Liang: The impact of innovation network on innovation outcome
  • Daniel Vento: An in-depth study to understand how retailers are performing in relation to their omni-channel strategies and to develop knowledge of what makes a 'good' omni-channel retailer

The following student is directed by Dr Alfred Chinta who is a senior lecturer in the Leeds Business School:

  • Dauda Hamzut: Comparison of manufactuing supply chain in developing and developed economies: A case study of Nigeria and the UK

The following students are directed by Dr Alexandra Kenyon who is a senior lecturer in the School of Events, Tourism & Hospitality:

  • Mohamed El Alansari: The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Higher Education Partnership
  • Lucy Hack: Corporate Social Responsibility within the Night Time Economy
  • Esther Pugh: A phenomenological exploration of the vintage fashionista’s shopping motivations in ludic and serendipitous place
  • Beata Szymanska-Waczynska: Attitude to humour in Polish bank television advertisements: A consumer’s perspective
  • Grigor Vidmar: Power and Trust in Restructuring Process
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