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CollectivED: The Mentoring & Coaching Hub

About CollectivED

CollectivED was established in October 2017, and is led by Rachel Lofthouse, who was appointed as Professor of Teacher Education in the Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University in the same year.  

Through CollectivED we are keen to develop a network of teachers and other professionals, academics and students as local, national and international friends, partners and practitioners. While we recognise that mentoring and coaching often serve different purposes, we advocate both as educative professional relationships with learning conversations at their heart. We recognise that many other professional development activities, such as lesson study, supervision and supported action enquiry draw on similar reflective and dialogic principles. 

We are interested in how coaching and mentoring can be used to support all learners, whether they are teachers, other professionals, children and young people, leaders, governors or other partners. We are also fully aware of the difficulties that can exist in developing and sustaining mentoring and coaching practices and cultures that fully support professional learning and practice development.  We are excited about the future of CollectivED, believing that it offers opportunities to shape future practices and co-create knowledge, and we aim to positively influence educational policy at institutional and national level.

Engaging with CollectivED

CollectivED is all about the power of people, to share, to support, to build trust, to reflect, to learn and to enable and empower.  The CollectivEd team at the Carnegie School of Education, Leeds Beckett University work to build this network through inclusion and engagement.  We see friends, partners, our team and our practitioners as sharing a common purpose and all playing key roles.  Details of how to connect with CollectivED are below. 

Plus Icon CollectivED friends

We welcome individuals and organisations as CollectivED friends who will form a network of supporters and critical friends, and whose work and interests as practitioners or researchers provide opportunities for them to engage in, or with, coaching and mentoring or associated practices. To become a CollectivED friend please email CollectivED@leedsbeckett.ac.uk to join our mailing list.  You can also follow us on twitter @CollectivED1.

Plus Icon CollectivED partners
We will work with individuals and organisations in active partnerships, including joint research, professional development or communication projects. To discuss a potential partnership project please email CollectivED@leedsbeckett.ac.uk
Plus Icon CollectivED team at the Carnegie School of Education
  • Rachel Lofthouse is Professor of Teacher Education and founder of CollectivED. Her research, teaching and consultancy focuses on supporting teachers’ professional learning and practice development.  She is also the Chair of the CPD Committee for the Universities’ Council for the Education of Teachers.
  • Rachel Bostwick is Operational Consultant, and provides strategic support for CollectivED.
  • Liz Beastall is a part time lecturer and is undertaking a narrative inquiry into Teacher Stress as part of her EdD, looking at teacher agency and working relationships.
  • Dr Alison Iredale is a Course Director with responsibility for the post graduate distance learning provision in the Carnegie School of Education.She has research interests in professional knowledge and practice, work based learning, professional learning communities and educational change through technology.
  • Dr Mhairi Beaton is Senior Lecturer in Special Educational Needs at the Carnegie School of Education, and has particular research interests in the interface of inclusion, student voice and teacher education.
  • Dr Anthea Rose is an experienced social science cross- discipline researcher with a particular focus on qualitative methodology and she is currently working as a researcher in the SSIF project based in Swaledale, looking at developing metacognitive teaching and how lead practitioners support pedagogic change.
  • Diana Tremayne is currently researching how online learning communities can support professional development. She has a background in further education and ESOL.
  • Rebecca Tickell is a Senior Consultant in the Carnegie School of Education whose role focuses on mentoring and partnership development for Initial Teacher Education.

The work of CollectivED

The work of CollectivED will always be at the interface of research and practice; developing a synergistic developmental relationship between the two. 

CollectivEd will co-ordinate the national Coaching and Mentoring in Education Research network. This network will bring together Doctoral and Masters students, and researchers working in this field.  It is being co-led by Professor Rachel Lofthouse and Professor Christian van Nieuwerburgh, Professor of Coaching and Positive Psychology, College of Applied Health and Communities, University of East London. Our work will be ongoing and we will update details here as often as we can, but please also follow us on twitter @CollectivED1, or join our mailing list by emailing CollectivED@leedsbeckett.ac.uk to keep up to date with opportunities to participate. Examples of our work are identified below.

The work of CollectivED

Plus Icon CollectivED Partner projects
  1. Primary teachers’ learning from Specialist Coaching for Communication-rich Pedagogies. This research seeks to understand the role of video-based specialist coaching in developing teachers’ understanding of communication-rich pedagogies and its impact on their planning and teaching. Our research partners are Jo Flanagan and Bibiana Wigley of Clarity - Communication for Education and the research is based in two schools in Derby.

  2. Professor Rachel Lofthouse and Dr Anthea Rose are undertaking the Carnegie School of Education’s independent evaluation of Swaledale Alliance’s DfE funded SSIF project which focuses on developing metacognition, and will employ two lead practitioners whose work will include coaching other teachers. 

  3. The Carey Philpott Research Partner Fund is providing £10,000 from Carnegie School of Education to an educational organisation focusing their practice-based research into enhancing professional learning through coaching, mentoring or associated developmental practices.  The funded project for 2017-18 is a partnership between ImpactEd and Bright Futures Educational Trust, who are aiming to weave group coaching into staff appraisal processes, using collaborative coaching and joint practice development approaches. 

  4. CollectivEd is partnered with the “Coaching in Education” Research Network for the UK. This new network is collaboratively led by Professor Rachel Lofthouse, (Carnegie School of Education, Leeds Beckett University), Professor Christian van Nieuwerburgh (University of East London) and David Tee (University of South Wales). The network is supported by Growth Coaching International and is aligned with the “Coaching in Education” Research Network in Australia (supported by GCI and the University of Melbourne). If you are researching coaching in education and would like to be involved in this network you can access information via the CollectivEd email CollectivED@leedsbeckett.ac.uk
Plus Icon Working Paper series

CollectivED publish a Working Paper Series. Practitioners, researchers, and members of professional and grass-roots organisations are invited to submit articles.  For more information please email CollectivED@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

Further guidance here.

Plus Icon Practice development
CollectivED can offer opportunities for practice development in mentoring, coaching, lesson study or aligned practices through bespoke CPD.  If you would like to know more please email CollectivED@leedsbeckett.ac.uk
Plus Icon CollectivED Professional Awards
With the support of the friends and partners of CollectivED we will develop professional awards from the Carnegie School of Education to recognize individuals whose practices as a coaches, mentors or leaders of professional learning aligns with the principles of dialogic and reflective practice promoted by and supported by CollectivEd.

Hub events

As the CollectivED network grows we will plan hub events such as conferences, workshops and CollectivED-Meets. Details will be circulated via twitter and to friends and partners on the mailing list.

CollectivED summer seminar, Richmond Hill School, Doncaster, Thursday 21st June 4-6pm.  This free event will focus on how teachers can develop enhanced teaching for metacognition through collaborative professional development

The first meeting of a new Research Network for Coaching and Mentoring in Education has been planned for July 13th at University of East London, Stratford.  This network is being jointly facilitated by Professor Rachel Lofthouse (CollectivED, Leeds Beckett University) and Professor Christian van Nieuwerburgh (UEL).  

Our first CollectivED event - 'In conversation' Coaching in education: why bother?

This event took place on 14th March 2018 with over 50 Teachers, Teacher Educators, Academics and Education / Coaching Professionals. The event featured a diverse panel of coaches all whom have different styles and models but who you use coaching as a tool to support, develop and have an impact on the individuals, projects and organisations they work with in educational fields. Professor Rachel Lofthouse who founded CollectivED in the Carnegie School of Education was pleased to welcome her fellow contributors, Lou Mycroft, Jo Flanagan, Rebecca Tickell, Simon Feasey and Ruth Whiteside.  Following a series of conversations which created a chain of discussions between speakers the event participants offered insights into the ways that they understand and develop coaching for positive impacts. Twitter discussion and feedback related to the event demonstrates how committed many in education are to the shared goals of CollectivED as feedback from guests reflecting on the event demonstrated. The event allowed us to share “different stories that make up the very interesting tapestry of coaching that is going on in schools and beyond”, with one coach who work with teachers and educational leaders in the US finding “the conversations an intriguing illumination of British points of view about coaching”, and another guest who straddles sports and education coaching and mentoring practices welcoming the chance to meet so many others “driven to learn and support learning from a coaching perspective”. 

Linked events

The work and shared interests of CollectivEd will be profiled at regional, national and international events.  These include:

Plus Icon 2018
  1. The National Coaching Symposium is being held on 15 June 2018 in Northamptonshire. It includes keynotes, workshops and masterclasses and Professor Rachel Lofthouse of the Carnegie School of Education is contributing alongside a number of other leading figures working in the field of coaching in education. Details can be found here.
  2. Rachel Lofthouse will contribute a workshop to a BETT aligned conference for Swedish Teachers on ‘The Power of the Teacher Learning Collective’, in London on the 25 January 2018.
  3. Rachel Lofthouse will speak at the annual conference of the Women Leading in Education Network, Yorkshire and Humber, on Aspiring Women Leaders in Coaching, on the 17March 2018.Her keynote is ‘COACHING: putting hearts and minds into professional and personal development’ and details can be found here.
  4. Rachel Lofthouse will keynote the BERA Alternative Education SIG conference ‘Alternative ways of educating teachers to educate children differently: What do curriculum, assessment and pedagogy look like when ‘done differently’?’ in London on June 23rd 2018. More info can be found here.
  5. Rachel Lofthouse will present a research paper at the ATEE (Association for Teacher Education in Europe) Spring Conference at the University of Bialystock, Poland. Her paper is based on the CollectivED 'In Conversation' event and is called 'Coaching in Education: understanding its scope, impact and potential.' Information on the conference can be found here.
  6. Rachel Lofthouse will keynote the Sheffield Hallam University ITT Mentoring Conference on June 29th 2018. Her talk is titled: Mentoring; engaging with heart, mind and soul for the good of the profession.
  7. Rachel Lofthouse will be speaking at the Women Leading in Education Lancashire and West Yorkshire Summer Conference, which has the theme Unlocking Potential- The Power of Coaching, on the 30th June 2018. More information can be found here.  
Plus Icon 2017
  1. Rachel Lofthouse: Keynote at International Professional Development Association (IPDA) International Conference “‘Bridge over troubled water’: Rebuilding professional learning in landscapes of educational complexity”
  2. Rachel Lofthouse: Keynote at ITE mentoring conferences at Manchester University “Developing mentoring as a space for [trans]formative conversations”

CollectivED in the news

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