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Centre for Research on Race, Education & Decoloniality (CRED)

About the Centre

The Centre focuses on the relevance for thinking about ‘race’ and racism intersectionally and from a decolonial perspective within educational settings in different contexts regionally, nationally and internationally in order to impact leadership, access, experience and outcomes. 

In today’s world, ‘decolonial race/racism literacy’ is essential to being active, informed citizens, and to living vibrant professional and personal lives. The mission of the Centre for Research on Race, Education and Decoloniality is to promote such literacy to:

  • Help people better understand the different cultural contexts of problems, disagreements, and solutions within the context of ‘race’, racism and education.
  • Catalyse education leadership on issues of ‘race’, racism and decoloniality throughout the Leeds Beckett community and beyond.
  • Raise awareness of the racial dimensions of pressing social problems within education within the larger public domain.
  • Support policy-makers, community organizations, activist groups and other stakeholders by providing resources for informed responses to pressing ‘race’/racism educational problems locally and globally.
  • Foster interdisciplinary, intersectional, decolonial ‘race’/racism research designed to address significant social issues and pressing educational problems locally and globally.
  • Provide effective resources for integrating ‘race’, racism and decoloniality into the formal and informal curriculum.
  • Produce innovative, policy-relevant, interdisciplinary ‘race’/ racism/decolonial research within the university, regional, national and international partnerships.
As well as the team listed below, we have two visitng professors: Professor Andre Keet and Professor AJ Franklin.


Current research

‘Principles and practice in Approaches to deracialisation: countering the social dynamics of contemporary racialisation in Brazil, South Africa, Sweden and the United Kingdom' 

This three-year transnational project is funded by the Swedish Research Council. Its overall aim is to assess the nature and extent of the deracialisation project required to counter the contemporary dynamics of racialisation across Sweden, South Africa, Brazil and the UK, as well as the role/ operation of and constraints on National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) which play a vital part in the development of national strategic approaches to countering racism.

Academic lead: Professor Shirley Anne Tate

‘Black mixed-race men, hybridity and post-racial resilience’ 

This monograph builds upon Remi’s doctoral thesis exploring the lives and schooling of young Black mixed-race men in the UK and the US. The book offers a counter-narrative to pathologoical representations of mixedness, and is the first work to comprehensively engage with Black mixed race masculinities. To be published in 2018, the book demonstrates the creative and innovative ways in which Black mixed-race men resist identity fragmentation and erasure. Through the cultivation of what Remi calls post-racial resilience, Black mixed-race men are able to constitute identities that are multiplicitous.

Academic lead: Remi Joseph-Salisbury

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Collaborate with us

For further information on the work of the Centre or to join our mailing list please email: CRED@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

Academic Team

Director of the Centre

Professor Shirley-Anne Tate

As a Cultural Sociologist, Professor Tate is a qualitative researcher interested in intersectional thinking. In her writing, research and teaching she draws on Black feminist, gender, critical ‘race’, queer, post colonial and Caribbean decolonial theory within her overall focus on Black Atlantic diaspora studies and emerging identifications.

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Academic Team

CRED Professional Associates

We are working in collaboration with professional associates, including BAMEed.
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