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Jak Drinnan

Jak Drinnan
Contact Details
Jak Drinnan

Part-time Lecturer

School of Art, Architecture & Design

???? J.Drinnan@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Jak Drinnan

Tutor in the Master of Architecture, MArch studio Abstract Machine.

Currently working with design and fabrication company Nicholas Alexander, Jak’s role involves bridging the gap between architecture and construction, design and making. With a focus on digital manufacturing processes and methodologies, Jak works with a wide range of architects, designers and artists to create unique installations, exhibitions, objects and events.

Research Interests

Jak completed his Master of Architecture at the Leeds School of Architecture in 2012, with a distinction for his project ‘The Metabolic City’. The project focused on the formation patterns of the city from a Systems Theory perspective. Analysing the city as an emergent ecosystem, the project generated rule based design principles, informing an entirely new city paradigm.

Jak’s research explores the application of computational design in the creation of space, form and architecture, with a special interest in the physical realisation of complex fabrication systems.

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