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The ESPON 2006 Programme

Research on the Spatial Development of an Enlarging European Union, supported by the EU-Community Initiative Interreg III.

The key objectives of the ESPON programme are to obtain; a diagnosis of the main territorial trends of the EU scale and the European territory as a whole; a number of territorial indicators and typologies assisting a setting of European priorities for a balanced and polycentric enlarged European territory and some integrated tools and appropriate instruments (databases, indicators, methodologies for territorial impact analysis and systematic spatial analyses) to improve the spatial co-ordination of sector policies. In addition the Observatory is to provide a cartographic picture of the major territorial disparities with a view to guide the future orientation of the Structural Funds after 2006. A network approach is employed, using national research institutions.

For further information about the ESPON programme, visit www.espon.eu

CUDEM have contributed to the following ESPON projects:

  • Espon Project 1.1.1 (Thematic)
    'The Role, Specific Situation and Potentials of Urban Areas as Nodes in a Polycentric Development' (2002-04)
  • Espon Project 1.1.2 (Thematic)
    'Urban-Rural Relations in Europe' (2002-04)
  • ESPON Project 2.3.2 (Policy Impact)
    Governance of Territorial and Urban Policies from EU to Local Level (2004-2006)
  • Espon Project 3.2 (Coordinating cross-thematic)
    'Spatial Scenarios and Orientations in Relation to the ESDP and EU Cohesion Policy' (2004-07)
  • ESPON Project 3.3 (Coordinating cross-thematic)
    Territorial dimension of the Lisbon/Gothenburg Process (2004-06)

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