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Interreg IIIB SOSII: Sustainable Open Space in North West Europe

The work of Kevin Thomas and Steve Littlewood on peri-urban space in Europe.

Between 2003 and 2005, sixteen partners in seven regions in five countries worked together in a project called Sustainable Open Space - Celebrate Open Space (SOS II). SOS II was a project under INTERREG IIIB, under measure 4.2 Protection and creative enhancement of the cultural heritage.

Building on the results of the first SOS-project, the partners further developed the concept of open space and promoted strategies through which the value and importance of landscape identity could be achieved.

The project embarked upon a number of joint actions and 'prototypes' that contributed to the creative enhancement of North West Europe's (NWE) heritage through various investment schemes which targeted at landscape identity, peri-urban areas and park management, green corridor and forest protection, and the restoration of archaeological and disused military sites. In short, rather than conceiving of open space as the 'void' in between strings of cities, the objective of the project was, in the longer term, to encourage new transnational perspectives on the role and positioning of rural areas in territorial planning.

CUDEM's role was central to the project, acting as the overall content manager for the project and producing a 'toolkit' for policy development to support sustainable open space.

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