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Dr Eric Brymer

About Dr Eric Brymer

Eric specialises in interdisciplinary approaches to Health and Wellbeing with a particular focus on the impact of the environment on physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

Eric focuses on the two major interrelated issues confronting societies today: concern for the health and wellbeing of populations and the state of the natural environment. He specialises in researching the reciprocal wellbeing benefits of the person-environment relationship. As a psychologist he is particularly interested in the role of the physical environment for motivating and augmenting health and wellbeing across the lifespan and how best to design interventions for health and wellbeing outcomes. Eric is also known for his work investigating adventure experiences and health and wellbeing outcomes from adventurous experiences. 

Research Interests

There is increasing realisation that all sorts of experiences in nature benefit health and wellbeing. Internationally, governments and health promoters are recognising that nature might be a cost effective way of promoting good health and wellbeing and as such they are incorporating nature into their policy and planning frameworks. However, despite this there is still a limited understanding of how nature benefits health and wellbeing and for whom. The research strategy is specifically designed to answer these questions and provide guidance for individuals and policy makers. Projects include investigating the psychological health benefits of nature-based experiences, understanding how the relationship between human beings and nature benefits wellbeing and learning for pro-conservation and pro-sustainability behaviours, and understanding how best to design physical environments to enhance Health and Wellbeing. Eric’s work spans Psychology, Public Health, Sport and Exercise, Medicine, Adventure, Environmental studies, and Tourism and Leisure studies.

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