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Dr Kate Dashper

Dr Kate Dashper
Contact Details
Dr Kate Dashper


School Of Events, Tourism And Hospitality Management

0113 81 23460 K.Dashper@leedsbeckett.ac.uk Curriculum Vitae

About Dr Kate Dashper

Kate specializes in the social and cultural aspects of sport, leisure and events. She has expertise in relation to gender and equality, and in researching encounters between human and nonhuman animals in a variety of sport, leisure and event spaces.

Much of Kate's research has focused on equestrian sport and leisure. Drawing on theoretical insights from human-animal studies, she is interested in exploring the role of nonhuman animals within human leisure and the interspecies relationships that can develop through joint action and interaction.

Kate’s other main area of expertise is in relation to gender. She has conducted research and consultancy projects within both the events and equestrian industries, exploring gender equality initiatives and the experiences of women and men within different professional and leisure contexts.

Current Teaching

  • International Human Resource Management and Volunteering in Events
    • Level 6
      Individual Project
      Research Methods
    • Level 5
      Managing the Events Workforce
      Applied Sports Events Research
      Public Relations and Events
    • Level 4
      Sports Event Organisations

Research Interests

Kate is a leading researcher in relation to equestrian sport and leisure. Her work focuses on the experiences of men and women within this mixed-sex sporting field, and on interspecies encounters between human and equine athletes. Kate’s research has been widely reported within different equestrian specialist media, and she writes a blog on her findings about gender for an Italian equestrian company.

Kate’s expertise in relation to gender and equality has resulted in industry-focused projects researching the experiences of women in the events sector. She has been invited to speak on the issues affecting women in events at a variety of international industry meetings and conferences, and works closely with companies and individuals to understand the challenges and opportunities facing women in the industry.

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