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Dr Nicky Kime

Dr Nicky Kime
Contact Details
Dr Nicky Kime

Senior Research Fellow

Carnegie School Of Sport

0113 81 26008 N.Kime@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Dr Nicky Kime

Nicky's area of expertise is diabetes, predominantly the care of children, young people and adults with type 1 and the education and training of professionals working in diabetes. Her research is focused on service improvement, physical activity and behaviour change.

Nicky’s work focuses on the lives of those living with diabetes and their families. This includes: provision of care; lifestyle management of diabetes, in particular increasing physical activity; the education and training of health care professionals working in diabetes; diabetes peer and self-management education; transition from paediatric to adult diabetes services and ethnic inequalities in diabetes.

Nicky adopts a person-centred, collaborative and participatory approach to her work, involving individuals with diabetes, or those working in the specialism, in the development of research, wherever possible. Using mainly qualitative methodologies Nicky is passionate about empowering those with diabetes to improve their short- and long-term health outcomes through behaviour change.

Current Teaching

Nicky teaches on the MSc Physical Activity and Health and the MSc Research Methods modules.

Research Interests

Nicky is currently working on an evaluation of children and young people’s type 1 diabetes, concentrating on the first year of care post-diagnosis. This includes focusing on a structured education programme and the utility of incorporating digital technology. The evaluation will provide a comprehensive assessment of these two initiatives and their impact on children and young people’s health outcomes.

Nicky is also involved in a local and international study focused on type 1 and 2 diabetes education and training for healthcare professionals working in adult diabetes care. Currently, the education and training for healthcare professionals throughout Europe is hugely variable and consequently, health inequalities exist amongst those with diabetes. Continued work in this area will assist in raising the standard of training for healthcare professionals and the level of care that people with diabetes receive, leading to improved outcomes.

In addition, Nicky is working with cyclists investigating the strategies that those with type 1 use to manage their condition whilst taking part in an ultra-endurance event. The aim of this work is to better understand the information that is needed for those with type 1 diabetes who want to take part in ultra-endurance events and to provide an evidence base from which healthcare professionals working in type 1 diabetes can advise their patients.

A developing research interest is active living in and around the home for adults with type 1 diabetes and the decision-making processes involved in managing active living alongside diabetes. An improvement in our understanding of the needs of adults with type 1 diabetes in relation to active living and the broader determinants of managing the condition as part of a healthy lifestyle will add a significant contribution to the evidence base.

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