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Dr Robin Redhead

Dr Robin Redhead
Contact Details
Dr Robin Redhead

Course Director

School Of Social Sciences

0113 81 24434 R.Redhead@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Dr Robin Redhead

Dr Robin Redhead researches the politics of human rights, focusing on how people empower themselves through discourses of human rights. She looks at the practices of political activism of minority groups and investigates how the visual media represent their grievances. She has an MA in Women Studies and Feminist Research and a PhD in Human Rights, both from the University of Manchester. 

With a background in gender studies, Robin has focused on how women are constructed within the legal frameworks of international human rights. She is interested in identity construction and the implications this has for empowering people.

Focusing on the disjuncture between state sovereignty and human rights, Robin has investigated aboriginal political protests in Canada and how these actions cut to the heart of questions of sovereignty.

She is currently involved in developing human rights curriculum for primary school children in the UK.

Current Teaching

  • Politics, Ethics & Justice (Level 4).
  • The Politics of Human Rights (Level 5).
  • Debates in Political Theory (Level 6).
  • Theorising Human Rights (Level 7).

PhD Supervisions:
Sureyya Sonmez Efe: The impact of 2008 Global Economic Crisis on regional labour markets and labour rights -as a part of Human Rights. The focus of the research is on citizenship and rights of migrant workers in Turkey after the Global Economic Crisis.

J. Craven: Repairing Interorganisational Trust: Striking a balance between the business and voluntary sector. 

Research Interests

Interested in the cultural practices of human rights practitioners, Robin is investigating how the backgrounds of those working in the field of human rights determine the future of the human rights movement.

She is also working on mechanisms to encourage further public education about human rights in the general British public, in hopes of protecting the Human Rights Act.

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