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Dr Suneel Kunamaneni

Dr Suneel Kunamaneni
Contact Details
Dr Suneel Kunamaneni

Senior Lecturer

Leeds Business School

0113 81 25699 K.Suneel@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Dr Suneel Kunamaneni

Suneel is Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Innovation within the school of strategy, marketing and communication. An expert in technology commercialization, Suneel lectures on Business Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  Prior to joining Leeds Beckett and entering Business and Management research and education, Suneel worked as a Technology transfer specialist at University of Leeds and Research Scientist at GE Advanced Materials.

Suneel spent most of his last 10 years in R&D, product development, technology transfer, innovation strategy, knowledge management and consultancy. He has worked with multinational companies such as Lucite, GE Plastics, Ineos, Dow, LyondellBasell and Intellectual Ventures.

A researcher and classically-educated and trained enterprise and innovation strategist, Suneel has spent his entire career after his PhD at the crossroads of academia and industry, developing and implementing innovative ways for transfer of technology and knowledge.

Suneel brings answers to systemic questions on emerging market innovations, research commercialization, environmental sustainability, manufacturing growth and regional economic development.         


  • BEng (Chemical Eng.), Bangalore
  • MSc (Chemical Eng.), Indian Institute of Science
  • PhD (polymer Physics), University of Leeds
  • MBA, Manchester Business School

Current Teaching

Business Enterprise Start-up, Entrepreneurship and Business Practice, Innovation and Change  

Research Interests

Emerging Market Innovation

Management researchers have devoted considerable attention to the drivers of new product innovation and its impact on firm performance. However research on innovation capabilities and strategies is largely based on the institutional structures of the developed west.

Considerably less attention has been devoted to the study of innovation in less developed and emerging countries. This is despite the fact that competitiveness of firms and regions in a globalizing economy rests on their ability to continuously develop, accumulate and exploit transnational capabilities.

By focusing on the characteristics of lead markets for good-enough innovations in less developed and emerging countries, mechanisms of innovation systems and the role of Global Production Networks, it is a more comprehensive framework has been developed that can shed light on the organisation of ‘resource constrained’ innovations. The idea is to stimulate research that delivers analyses that are both empirically and theoretically richer than at present. The research offers an exciting challenge as it holds out possibilities for an original work in less developed and emerging markets innovation and reverse transfer to the developed economies.

Current Research Interests   

  • Industrial clustering and inter-firm networks
  • Dynamic capabilities based entrepreneurial theory of technology firms
  • Leadership and high-technology venture success
  • CSR performance and  technology innovation
  • Embeddedness of Sustainability in Business school education

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