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Gemma Ahearne

Gemma Ahearne
Contact Details
Gemma Ahearne

Part-Time Lecturer

School Of Social Sciences

???? G.Ahearne@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Gemma Ahearne

Gemma Ahearne is a final year Ph.D researcher in the Centre of Applied Social Research (ceASR). She is also a part time lecturer.

Gemma's interests include sex work, prisons, whiteness, class, gender, medical sociology, sociological theory and creative research methods. Her current research is her Ph.D, sex workers' experiences of prison. Post doctorate, she would like to continue this research on a bigger scale.

Gemma is also very interested in portrayals of working class female whiteness in the media, and the regulation of women's bodies through the media. She has a keen interest in medical sociology, in particular the stigma women experience for a range of female health conditions such as Endometriosis and health problems arising from breast implants.

Research Interests

Gemma's Ph.D research focuses on sex workers' experiences of prison. The research is participant-led where possible, and uses reading aloud as an innovative research method that allows textured rich understandings. Participants are also encouraged to write poetry themselves. Her research will have impact by informing positive practice for Reducing Reoffending Pathway 9.

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