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Professor Gijsbert Stoet

Professor Gijsbert Stoet
Contact Details
Professor Gijsbert Stoet


School Of Social Sciences

0113 81 24428 G.Stoet@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

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About Professor Gijsbert Stoet

Professor Stoet is a psychologist with experience in experimental psychology, cognitive neuroscience, developmental and educational psychology.

He studied in The Netherlands (University of Groningen) and Germany (University of Munich). Before joining Leeds Beckett, he has carried out research at a variety of world-leading institutions, including the Max-Planck-Institute for Psychological Research (Germany) and the Washington University Medical School in St.Louis (USA).

Further information about Professor Stoet can also be found via www.psytoolkit.org/cv.

Research Interests

Currently, Gijsbert's research includes two main strands of research. On the one hand, he how people use their attention (e.g., to focus on specific tasks), and on the other hand he studies cognitive performance and attitudes in school children. These two types of research are partially overlapping (e.g., children's school performance relates to their capacity to attend relevant school tasks).

Further, Professor Stoet has developed the PsyToolkit software for online experiments and surveys (www.psytoolkit.org).

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