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Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson
Contact Details
Ricky Wilson

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Carnegie School Of Sport

0113 81 22064 R.Wilson@leedsbeckett.ac.uk

About Ricky Wilson

Ricky is a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) in Sport Coaching and his PhD is centred around decision-making (DM) in team sport. Specifically, investigating the relationship between action capabilities and DM.

Ricky graduated at the University of Portsmouth (BSc Sport and Exercise Science & MRes Science) in 2016 and his MRes research has informed his current PhD studies here at Leeds Beckett University. His professional experiences have included three years at Portsmouth Football Club overseeing the strength and conditioning (S&C) program for the U9s-16s. In addition to this, he recently spent time at Land Rover BAR (British America's Cup Challengers), as lead human performance researcher and assistant S&C coach.

Current Teaching

  • Research and Personal Journey (Level 4)
  • Sport Curriculum (Level 4)

Research Interests

Ricky's research is centred around identifying the relationship between physical capabilities and DM, specifically initiation movement time (IMT). It is hypothesised that IMT in potentially deceptive tasks are influenced by physical capabilities. Therefore, superior capabilities result in a later, more reliable movement response. The impact of this research can reinforce the ecological perspective of perception and action in sport, providing empirical evidence that show decisions are intuitively influenced by physical capabilities.

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