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The Employability & Progression team is here to support students and graduates with all aspects of career planning & decision making, along with helping you to recognise and develop your employability skills.

This can be anything from career planning and understanding options with your degree, writing CVs and applications, help with interviews,  and applying for further study (including teacher training), to searching for jobs and getting part-time work, understanding how to make the most of graduate fairs, and plenty more!

Employability & Progression

Services we offer

We offer a broad programme of workshops delivered by members of our team, employers and other external speakers, as well as individual appointments with careers advisers. We also work closely with academic staff and individual degree programmes to provide careers support directly within and alongside your studies.

What to expect from a careers appointment

We offer two types of careers appointment – short, 15-minute advice sessions, and more detailed 30-45 minute guidance appointments. When you book your appointment, the member of staff at the Student Hub will agree with you which one best suits your needs, but it’s worth bearing the following points in mind:

  • All appointments are confidential – your details will not be discussed with anyone else (except in extreme circumstances).
  • Careers consultants are completely impartial. We’re here to help you decide what is best for you, NOT to push you down certain career routes.
  • Careers consultants are here to help advise and guide you, not to make decisions for you.
  • Don’t think of a careers appointment as a one-off event that will result in a quick and easy solution to your career planning. This is one small part of the overall process of planning and preparing for life after university.
  • Careers consultants are not experts in every single career pathway – that would be pretty much impossible for anyone! Consultants have expertise and general knowledge across a huge range of career routes, but their role is to support you in your career learning process, not simply to provide all of the answers!
  • The more preparation you can do for the appointment, (research, drafting your CV, reflecting on your options etc), the more you will get out of it. 

Statement of Service – Employability & Progression Team

Working Towards Your Future: A guide to what employers are looking for

The NUS and the CBI, (Confederation of British Industries – an organisation which represents the views of businesses across the UK), co-produced a report investigating what employers look for in a graduate and how students can maximise their time at university in order to prepare them for when they graduate. You may find it interesting to read this, to help understand the importance of building your employability skills.

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