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Varsity rugby players Varsity is Here!

Wednesday 1 October sees our greatest athletes fighting it out with Leeds University's teams across a packed day of 60 sporting events. Who will claim the Varsity title 2014? Make sure you're on the sidelines ready to find out!

Leeds Beckett students Student Card & Hoodie

Both new and returning students can now collect their campus cards and free Leeds Beckett hoodies. Find out more about where to get yours here.

Dancers at Leeds West Indian Carnival Black History Month

The politics of race and gender and race equality and diversity in education are just two of the topics on the agenda for events being held at Leeds Beckett University as part of Black History Month.

Student loan and financial support Where's My Student Loan?

We've got lots of help and support available if you haven't yet received your student loan, or have any other financial concerns. First, check you have completed the following steps:

Rosebowl Finding Work

We are currently recruiting Student Ambassadors! Why not come and work for us? Working part-time while you’re studying can boost your bank balance, give you valuable work experience and improve your long-term employment prospects too.

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