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Mentoring with Leeds Beckett

Mentoring with Leeds Beckett

Mentoring with Leeds Beckett

Firstly, a big thank you on behalf of the Leeds Beckett Schools Teacher Education Partnership to all those colleagues who agree to mentor our Partnership students. We try our best to ensure that all areas of Partnership activity help develop outstanding teachers but we know that learning on placements has a particularly big impact on teacher development and that learning is largely dependent on the quality of mentoring.  
‘Given its importance, we feel that mentoring should have much greater status and recognition within schools and within the the ITT system as a whole. The qualities of effective mentors should be better understood across the system’
Carter Review of ITE 2015
Mentors share responsibility with the university’s tutors for the trainee teacher’s overall course and for ensuring the integration of the school-based and university-based elements to create cohesive and integrated learning opportunities and experiences. The mentor carries the main responsibility for the day-to-day learning and progress of the trainee teacher when they are in school; the university tutors carry that responsibility when the trainees are in the university. 
We want our Partnership’s mentors to be outstanding so we require that all mentors attend University training at least once every three years. You can find a summary Powerpoint of the last training session on this website.
The mentor is responsible for advising, guiding and supervising trainee teachers in school. We expect mentors to observe trainee once every week  and to support and critique the trainee’s planning and assessment of pupils. Mentors are expected to meet weekly with their trainee(s) to provide critical feed-forward and feed-back on their professional development and professional performance and to set precise and achievable targets for the trainee teacher’s self- improvement and development. Progress against targets should be discussed and monitored in the weekly meeting between the trainee and their mentor. The purpose of the meeting should be to review the weekly targets and Teaching Standards and discuss any difficulties the trainee may be experiencing. The agenda should be driven by the trainee and they should prepare notes for the meeting and write up the minutes and provide them for the Mentor within 2 days of the meeting. 
The Link Tutor is the first point of contact for mentors and other school staff, and for the trainee teacher in relation to all matters regarding processes, administration, and the progress of the trainee in the school-based experience. 
Together with the Link Tutor you will be responsible for agreeing the interim and final grades awarded to the trainee against each of the Teacher Standards.  These grades should be recorded, signed and dated in the trainee’s ITE Assessment Booklet which they will bring. Trainees are responsible for completing this document and cannot complete a placement without doing so.  You can find copies of our assessment booklets on this website.

Whilst the programme and assessments organised by mentors will vary according to the requirements of different placements, you might include the following:

• Induction into the school and its policies, codes of practice, and other arrangements and expectations, including dress and self-presentation of teaching staff and trainee teachers.
• Access to relevant internal documentation and clear guidance on protocols and limitations as to their use.
• A programme of structured observation, teaching, assessment, marking, and parental engagement relevant to the stage of training and the placement phase. 
• Opportunities to observe a wide range of formats and styles of teaching and learning, and different teachers especially those with high expertise in specific aspects of teaching, learning and management. 
• Opportunities to engage with staff meetings, in-service training, meetings for parents including meetings regarding pupil progress; transitional arrangements across relevant key stages (e.g. KS2 to KS3). 
• Regular observation, feedback and target setting by the mentor and host teachers, of the trainee teacher’s work and progress in school including the provision of oral and written feedback, using the Leeds Beckett ITE Partnership forms and formats.
• A scheduled weekly meeting with the trainee–teacher to discuss and monitor progress, agree and set improvement targets.
• Appropriate and up-to-date records of each trainee’s training and progress, with written records signed by the mentor and trainee of their weekly meetings, the targets set and the trainee’s progress towards the achievement of targets. 

Mentor Check List

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You have a received a letter confirming all the offers of Placements.  
 You have completed and returned the Partnership Agreement to Partnership Office.  
 You have received an invitation to Mentor training sessions for this academic year.  
You have attended Mentor training in the last three years.   
 You have received notification of the trainees’ names and confirmation they have undertaken an enhanced DBS disclosure check through Leeds Beckett University in line with our Safeguarding Policy and prior to the placement start date.
 You have received the ITE Placement Handbook, appropriate ITE Placement Supplement, ITE Assessment Booklet and triplicate copies of the Lesson Observation form.
 You are aware that electronic copies of all handbooks, booklets and forms are available.
 You have been given the name of the Link Tutor and have their contact details.
 You are aware of the dates, percentage of the weekly timetable the trainee(s) will be teaching and any other requirements for this ITE placement.
 You are ready to complete one Lesson Observation per teaching week as a minimum requirement to provide feedback to the trainee.
 You will meet with the trainee once a week up to 1 hour of uninterrupted time and are aware that the trainee will set the agenda and write up the minutes.
 You understand the assessment forms in the assessment booklet and are ready to complete these by the last day of the placement.
 You are aware of our online Evaluation of the Partnership process and are prepared to provide feedback using this questionnaire at the end of the placement. 

Key resources

Quality Mentoring - Our expectations for mentoring with Leeds Beckett. DOCX

Lesson Observation Feedback Form LO1 201718 DOC

Early Intervention Plan - Template for writing an Early Intervention Plan - (link tutor will lead on this). DOCX

Prevent - A summary of ITE trainees' responsibilities under the Prevent strategy - to be shared with mentors. PDF

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