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Short-Term Loans/Emergency Help

If there is a delay in the payment of your first loan instalment we may be able to offer you some short- term help

Short-term Loans are available to ‘home’ students in financial difficulty where students have no alternative source of funds and have not yet received their loan instalment through no fault of their own. Applications are subject to supporting documentary evidence

Any assistance offered in the form of a Short-term Loan will primarily be to help with food and travel costs for up to four weeks. We are unable to cover your rent or tuition fees costs. If you cannot pay your accommodation you will need to try and arrange deferment of rent payments with the accommodation/finance office or landlord directly.

To apply for a Short Term Loan you will need to attend a Money Support Drop in at the Rose Bowl on Mon - Fri between 12:30 - 13:30 and for students based at Headingley they can either attend the Rose Bowl drop ins or alternatively book an appointment on Myhub for either Tuesday or Thursday afternoon between 13:00 - 15:30.

For University accommodation issues please email our Incomes Office on

If you have received Your Student Finance Entitlement Summary from Student Finance England, you need to contact them to find out when your money will be paid (please note that the Student Loans Company do not release funds until you have enrolled on your course). You should also have completed the Loan Request and the University needs to have confirmed your attendance. (Payment will be between 3 and 5 working days from confirmation of attendance).

You will receive a text from the Student Loans Company the day before funds are due into your account.

If you have children or are starting your final year of study you maybe eligible for an award from the Leeds Beckett Hardship fund. In this circumstance we may be able to offer you an advance on this award rather than a Short-term Loan.

To apply for a Short Term Loan you will need to attend one of the Money Support drop in's.

Mon - Friday 12:30 -13:30 Based at the Rose Bowl

Headingley students can  apply for an appointment through Myhub on Tuesday and Thursday at the Headingley campus between 13:00 - 15:30. or alternatively come to the Rose Bowl.

Please see below for details of evidence required to accompany a completed application form:

New Students not yet in receipt of their Student Finance Entitlement Summary:

  • Confirmation that you have applied to SFE (letter, printout or fax)
  • Up-to-date bank mini-statement

Continuing Students:

  • Copy of Your Student Finance Entitlement Summary that you have applied to SFE (letter, printout or fax)
  • Decision of the September Exam Board
  • Up-to-date bank mini-statement


You are required to re-pay this short-term loan when your Student Loan comes through. If you cannot repay then you should contact Money Support in advance of the repayment date and explain the reasons for non payment.  

You can repay by contacting the Cashiers department and pay over the phone with your card or alternatively you can repay through the on line store.

If you require help with general living costs you might like to consider an application to the Leeds Beckett Hardship Funds, please contact the Student Hub from 1st September 2016

Students should contact Money Support in the first instance to discuss their situation.

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