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Summer Assistance Fund

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Applications will be considered from the following students:

  • Non-final year students who satisfy one of the following:
  • Students with children.
  • Students’ re-taking/re-sitting elements of their course either in or out of attendance across the summer.
  • Students who are ill or have a disability and are therefore unable to undertake work, and for whom other benefits are not available.
  • Care leavers,  carers (but not of children) and students who are estranged from their parents and family.
     *Please be aware that Summer Assistance is not available to Postgraduate students as this      assessment is taken over the 13 weeks of the Summer Vacation period. As Postgraduate students study over a 52 week period their assessment period is covered in their Hardship assessment.

Application Process

  • Students meeting the above eligibility criteria should click on this link to access the online application form.
  • Once the student submits their application form along with their supporting documentation, their application will be assessed and outcome confirmed via email to their university email address within 10 working days.
  • Applications will be accepted up to 5pm on Friday 31th July. This will allow for processing and payment to be made unless funds are exhausted prior to this date.

Treatment of Income

  • Where student support income has already been taken into account in a previous assessment that student support income will not be taken into account again when assessing summer assistance funding. All other income will be taken into account in full.
  • Students eligible for welfare benefits during the summer will have the relevant benefit figure taken into account even if they are not yet in receipt of the monies.

What Assistance will be Offered?

  • Help with day to day living costs such as food, travel and help with housing costs.
  • Students that have an outstanding short term loan from any previous/current academic year will have this money deducted from their award unless a discussion has taken place with the Money Support team to explore reasons for not deducting the loan.
  • Awards will only be made if there are monies remaining within the fund to allow for payment.

Evidence Requirements (as applicable)

  • Confirmation email from your Faculty that you are re-sitting/repeating over the summer period. Please send this to the Money Support email box
  •  moneysupport@leedsbeckett.ac.uk
  • Confirmation letter from your GP/Disability Services/Support Worker (as applicable)  to confirm that you are unable to work over the summer.
  • Copy of one months up-to-date bank statements for all your accounts, including savings accounts (and your partner’s accounts if applicable).

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