Our Buildings

This page will help you locate which building and campus you are visiting if you have been provided with a room code. Below is a list of which buildings are on which campus and there is an explanation of our coding system  to help you easily navigate you way around campus.

Which Campus Am I Visiting?

Leeds Beckett University has two campus – Headingley ('HC') and City ('CC'). If you are unsure which campus you are visiting, use the information below to help locate your building and understand your room codes.

You may have been given your location using the internal coding system.

Campus codes will always be either HC or CC, and the tables below will help you identify building names from the building codes. 

Building Codes:

Code Building Name
BR Bronte Hall
CAE Caedmon Hall
CAR Carnegie Hall
CAN Carnegie Annexe
CV Cavendish Hall
CH Coach House
CPV Carnegie Pavillion
CRI Carnegie Research Institute
DT Design Technology Centre
FF Fairfax Hall
GR The Grange
HCS Headingley Carnegie Stadium
JG James Graham
LE Leighton Hall
MC Macaulay Hall
PR Priestley Hall

Code Building Name
BPA Broadcasting Place – Humanities Building
BPB Broadcasting Place – Arts Building
CHC Cloth Hall Court
CL Calverley
EP Electric Press
LSB Leslie Silver
NT Northern Terrace
PD Portland
QSH Queen Square House
RB Rose Bowl

For detailed instructions on how to get to either City Campus or Headingley Campus please click here

To view a campus map please click here.

Room Codes:

After the building code, the room number is indicated. The first digit indicates which floor the room is on.

Numbers prefixed by ‘G’ are on the ground floor, e.g. G15
Numbers beginning with ‘1’ are on the first floor, e.g. 105
Numbers beginning with ‘2’ are on the second floor, e.g. 227, etc.