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Green Impact awards dinner

Green Impact

The Green Impact scheme, is a behavioural change programme run by the NUS, promoting sustainability in over 180 organisations worldwide involving almost 30,000 people. Through Green Impact, staff are brought together to play an active role in making their workplace 'greener'.

Teams from across the University take actions to implement changes which will decrease their environmental impact; with an opportunity to achieve awards at Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. Teams are provided with bespoke toolkits to promote change including; safe walking routes, ensuring procurement of goods and services is ethical and brainstorming about the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a team. In 2019, the toolkits will include Projects, giving teams the chance to focus on improving an issue of their choice.

Find out what projects teams are working on here

Since March 2016, the University has been working alongside the NUS to implement the Green Impact Scheme which now includes 17 teams and around 70 team members.

Interested in joining Green Impact? Visit the webpage here to register- you can join an existing team  or create a new one. 

Green Impact 2018 report

Current teams are 

  1. CARES City Cleaning & Portering
  2. CARES City Food Services
  3. CARES Headingley Cleaning & Portering
  4. CARES Headingley Food Services
  5. CARES Queen Square House
  6. CCTE Academics & Admin
  7. Corporate Communications 
  8. Distance Learning Unit
  9. Estate Services
  10. Green Filmmakers
  11. Grounds Maintenance
  12. IT Services
  13. Print Room
  14. Procurement
  15. Sport & Active Lifestyles
  16. Student Experience Team
  17. Student Wellbeing

Key documents

Green Impact Resource Bank

Visit the NUS resource bank here for ideas and templates. 
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