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Green Impact Projects

Find out what our teams are working on...

Plus Icon CARES City Food

The city food team are looking to reduce their food waste by distributing pre-packed sandwiches, salads and hospitality leftovers to hostels, food banks or homeless shelters. They will also be raising money for a local charity.

"Our main aim is to cut the amount of food waste going in our bins and for it to go to worthy cause. Our second aim is to raise a large amount of money for charity".

Plus Icon CARES Headingley Cleaning and Portering

The team want to tackle some of the issues we face with coffee cup waste. The current problem involves mis-understanding around whether the items can be recycled and therefore the amount that end up in the wrong bins. They need to increase recycling rates, produce good quality waste, segregated from general and dry-mixed, that can be taken away and handled correctly. They want to reduce the cost of waste to the university in having too many contaminated bin bags (wet coffee waste) and increase the understanding amongst staff and students.

Plus Icon Distance Learning Unit

The team are looking at promoting to our distance learning students how to be more sustainable.

They will promote through their communities and see if they make improvements.

Plus Icon Green Filmmakers

“Increasing awareness of sustainability in the film school and on film shoots.”

Our students do a lot of practical work. They make films with crews of around 20-30 people sometimes. Filmmaking uses a lot of resources and you must look after, transport and feed everyone on set. This means that film shoots are very wasteful. Currently, in the film industry there is a big shift happening and film shoots are becoming more sustainable. In fact, if you want to apply for money from the British Film Institute, you now must follow their sustainability guidelines and prove that you are making your production as green as possible. We believe it is important that our students learn sustainability practices early on. We want to do this by making them aware of sustainability practices in the film industry, implementing them on the school’s film shoots, and by rewarding them for these practices.

Plus Icon Procurement

Create a financial services Grower's Club.

What they plan to do:

  • They will invite members and ask people what they would like to grow (plants, herbs, veg, fruit, etc. 
  • Provide people with seeds, pots, soil and information on how to grow their chosen plant 
  • Receive photos and progress reports
  • Share progress reports and knowledge, challenges, etc. on a monthly basis 
  • Share produce 
  • Provide some sort of award for the best/well looked after/largest plant

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