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David Lane with bicycle outside the Rose Bowl at City Campus

What can I do?

Everything we do has an impact on the environment around us. However, we can all make a positive difference by making small changes to our behaviour.


At Leeds Beckett we are working to reduce our waste and have a Zero Waste to Landfill policy , help us meet this by using the waste sorting bins around campus. At the university, we are working hard to reduce waste through Warpit. This is a platform for reusing items which are not-used anymore and that are destined to landfill. Staff can then claim them and give these items a second-life.


  • Reduce the amount of meat and dairy products you eat.
  • Buy organic and local. 
  • Grow your own.
  • Plan your shopping.


  • Reduce your thermostat by 1 degree.
  • Turn down your heating at night to 17 degrees.
  • Stop all draughts.
  • Drink tap water. 


  • Walk or cycle to university.
  • Use public transport.
  • Buy an electric or hybrid vehicle.


  • Find out how your bank invests its profits.
  • Ask for your bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability or environmental report.
  • Donate £1 a month to a wildlife charity.

Any suggestions?

We’re interested in your ideas on how we can make positive changes and minimise our impacts. Contact us now What can I do?

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