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Staying on Track

With all the Freshers Week excitement and a whole new city at your fingertips, you can quickly forget that you're here to get yourself a degree! With that in mind, take in these 12 top tips from our students to keeping on top of your study life.

Make a plan

Planning out your daily tasks and making sure you know what needs to be done will make you feel more comfortable in managing your social and work life.

Make sure you sleep well

No matter how hard you party till the early hours, make sure you are getting enough sleep to be able to work well throughout the day.

Adapt your space

Try making a clean and calming area for you to work better in.

Work ahead of your deadlines to prepare for any nasty surprises

Try not to leave your work until the last minute - you will save yourself a lot of stress when it comes to those late nights.

Buy a calendar for your room or use the one on your phone

This can be a great way to make sure you don’t forget about anything coming up.

Get organised

Think about how you work best and make sure you organise your notes early on, this will make revising so much easier.

Set weekly goals

Setting goals to work towards will help you manage your time better and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by your workload.

Use your notice board

Make use of the notice board in your room. Add sticky notes and reminders to keep track of the important things you have coming up. It will also help make your room more personalised to you.

Get to know the library

Yes they have books, but did you know they also offer collaborative work spaces, Media Loans and Academic Librarians to support you in your studies. The Library also stays open 24/7.

Attend everything

Make the most of the contact time you have, it’s there to help you prepare and get the most out of your course.

Check your emails and MyBeckett 

Checking your student emails and My Beckett notices regularly will help you keep up to date with announcements and upcoming dates.

Create a group chat with your course mates

Having a group chat with your course mates will help you to keep up to date with your course. It’s also a great way to get social outside of your studies.

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