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Your Move-In Day Journey

It's here! The day you're finally heading off to start your new life of independence and freedom! You've just got the actual moving to get through.

Most students find move-in day a mix of exciting, stressful and emotional so expect a mix of all three. Just remember that there's no right way to feel and everyone is different so however you respond is ok. Spare a thought for your parents too, as they'll probably be going through a similar journey! Here's a breakdown of how your day will go:

1. First things first: Breathe, relax and enjoy the day

It’s going to be a big day with lots of ups and downs so enjoy it!

2. Collect your key and inspect your room

When you arrive on site the first thing to do is to pick up your key. You’ll then be told where to go to get to your room but before you start unpacking, it’s really important you inspect your room. It might seem like a long way off but when you leave your accommodation, the site team will check your room for damage and cleanliness and if they need to do any additional cleaning or maintenance they will deduct some money from your deposit to help pay for it.

To avoid deductions, just make sure you fill out your arrival inspection form – any outstanding maintenance issues will get reported and you won’t be charged for any existing issues with your room. It’ll just take a few minutes and you’ll be glad you did it when it’s time to move out!

3. Unpack and make the room your own

Once you’ve unpacked you’ll quickly start to feel proud of your new space. If you’ve not already, you might also like to pop out for a few ornaments and items to personalise your space even more and make it feel homely.

One great tip is to leave your door open while you unpack as it makes greeting your new flatmates much easier when they arrive. Keep a pack of biscuits close by for an easy ice breaker!

4. Crack the kettle on and take a breather

Time to reward yourself with a biscuit and a break. Depending on what time it is, you might like to go out for a meal with your parents or just enjoy a brew at the flat. If your flatmates are around, why not invite them for a quick break too and spend a few minutes getting to know them.

5. Say your goodbyes and make plans for the evening

Soon it’ll be time to say goodbye to your parents – remind each other that you’ll be seeing them again soon and make a plan to stay in touch. (Even if that’s more for their sake than yours!).

Just remember, it’s natural for lots of students to miss their parents when they first leave – it’s ok to call them and it’s even ok to pop back home after a few days to help to ease the transition.

Then, when you’re ready, stop and take note of how you feel. You might be raring to go and ready to meet your new flatmates and your new city. Or you might be feeling like you’d appreciate some time to reflect and adjust. Just take it a step at a time.

Move-in Day at Leeds Beckett

Hear what moving in to halls is like from students who've done it themselves
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