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Leaving your property before the end of your tenancy agreement

Your Tenancy Agreement with Leeds Beckett is for a fixed period. You have signed a legally binding agreement and made a commitment to pay rent to Leeds Beckett University for that fixed period. Leeds Beckett is under no obligation to release you from your tenancy agreement.

  • If you decide you want to leave your tenancy before the end of your contract period, you will need to find someone willing to take over the remainder of your contract. Your liability for the rent on the property ends on the date the new tenant signs their contract.

    It is important that you advise the accommodation office that you have moved out as we will also look for a replacement tenant to take over your tenancy agreement. Please complete a Notification of move out form when you have handed in your keys at site.

    We recommend that you visit the Unipol Leeds web pages as you can advertise your property on their Student to Student Notice Board where you can place messages and respond to others looking for rooms. It is advisable to let your co-tenants know that you want to move out, since they may know someone who wants to rent. It is important that the replacement tenant you find is a Leeds Beckett Student and is not already committed to a tenancy agreement.

    Once you have found a replacement tenant, you will need to contact the accommodation office to advise them and to arrange for the new tenant to sign a contract.

    Please be aware that you are liable for the rent on your property until this process has been completed, and Leeds Beckett will charge a £25 administration fee for dealing with the extra paperwork involved and for your room to be cleaned.


  • If you have made the decision to leave your course at University, and are leaving Leeds, Leeds Beckett are under no obligation to release you from your contract. Your tenancy agreement remains in place, and the information about finding a replacement tenant still applies.

    Leeds Beckett will only consider releasing tenants with exceptional circumstances. If you feel you have exceptional circumstances, you should complete an application for rebate from tenancy agreement form and submit this to the accommodation office for a panel to make a decision. Please note that if you submit an application for rebate form, your application will not be heard by the panel until you submit evidence alongside your application Click here for application for rebate from tenancy agreement guidelines.

    If you are not happy with your accommodation, you may think that moving out is the only option. We would like to help where we can, and would encourage you to discuss your situation with the Residential Team on-site, they may be able to offer alternatives such as relocation to another Leeds Beckett property or help with resolving the issue that is making you unhappy.

Leaving your accommodation

Your bond (minus any damage deductions) will be repaid to you at the end of your tenancy. We aim to process your bond return within 28 days.

We intend to repay your bond by electronic bank transfer to the bank account from which your accommodation direct debit payments have been taken throughout this academic year. If you would like the payment to be made to another account or by another method, you must email as soon as possible.

Damage Deductions

Students are expected to leave the individual bedroom and shared flat in an acceptable and clean condition. Should this not be the case, then deductions will be made or charges incurred in respect of additional cleaning, damage or missing property. We recommend that where possible you are present at the final inspection of your room and flat to ensure there are no discrepancies. Please contact your site reception to arrange this.

Should you have any queries relating to any of the above information or the exit procedures in general, please do not hesitate to contact 0113 8129242 or alternatively email

For a list of charges please see below.

Arena Village Damage Charges 2018/19 PDF

Marsden House Damage Charges 2018/19 PDF

UPP Damage Charges 2018/19 PDF

Carnegie Village Damage Charges 2018/19 PDF

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