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The offer of accommodation will be subject to you entering into a tenancy agreement on the 'provider's (University/Unipol) standard terms and conditions of residence, and if we make you an offer we will send you a link to these terms or post them to you. Please make sure you read the terms in full before accepting your offer of accommodation (we will remind you about this at the time), because once you have accepted our offer of accommodation you are legally bound to pay for the accommodation, and if you decide to leave the accommodation early you may not be entitled to a refund. 

Full details of the terms and conditions relating to early termination of your tenancy agreement are set out in standard terms and conditions of residence. Make sure you read these before deciding to accept.

The main things you need to know about your tenancy agreement are:

Deposit & Advanced Rent Payment

You are required to pay £200 when placing your booking and depending on the accommodation you have chosen this is either used for a deposit or as an advanced rent payment.

At most halls your £200 payment becomes your refundable damage deposit with any damage caused deducted from this before it is refunded at the end of your tenancy. If you cancel your online application before signing your contract or you are not accepted onto your course your deposit will be refunded in full. Once you have signed your contract your deposit will not be refunded unless the room is re-let before the start of the contract.

In Broadcasting Place, Concept Place and The Plaza the £200 is used for advanced rent payment, this means that the £200 will be used towards the cost of your rent so you will now receive a £200 deduction on your second rent instalment instead of receiving a deposit payment at the end of the year. Damages made to your accommodation are still subject to charges which will not be taken from a deposit but will instead be payable directly to Unite Students. You are also still able to cancel your booking before you sign your contract and receive a full £200 refund.

Tenancy Period

You will be sent a contract for up to 51 weeks dependent on the site you have chosen. Christmas and Easter vacations are included so you don't have to remove your belongings over the holiday periods.


Leeds Beckett University works closely with partners and lease rooms in order to provide accommodation to Leeds Beckett Students. We work with three partners in this way: UPP, Vero Group and CLV. UPP, Vero Group and CLV manage the properties whilst Leeds Beckett are the Landlord to occupants and provide on-site pastoral care and residential support.

Leeds Beckett University also work in partnership with Unipol, a charitable organisation who specialise in student accommodation for Leeds Beckett University and the University of Leeds students. Unipol advertises the properties of private landlords and also manages a portfolio of properties. We allocate a number of blocks of rooms within Unipol properties and you can book a room in a Unipol property through our Online Application. If you choose a Unipol Property you will accept a contract with Unipol who then become your landlord.

Rent Instalments


For Marsden House, Arena Village, Kirkstall Brewery, Sugarwell Court, Woodhouse Flats and Carnegie Village rent instalments will be made by direct debit in September 2018 (40%), January 2019 (30%) and April 20189 (30%).  

For Carlton Hill and Mill Street 40% of the rent is required to coincide with your contract start date. Two further payments of 30% each are required by standing order in January 2019 and April 2019. Alternatively you can reduce the number of installments to one in September 2018 (save £100) or two in September 2018 and January 2019 (Save £50).

Please click here for further information on rent instalments.


All accommodation is fully furnished. Please click here to find a full inventory of what will be provided in your flat.

Included in the Rent

The rent includes insurance of the property and of your personal belongings (terms apply), repairs (other than for damage caused by you), lighting and water (energy charges are not included in all rents, further details can be found at Rent information).

Property Usage

The accommodation is for private residential use only.

Alterations to the Property

No alterations are permitted to the accommodation and you will be required to pay for any damage you cause.


Students are required to behave with respect for other residents.


With the offer of accommodation we will send you by post or link to a handbook, giving detailed information about your accommodation.


Everyone is required to provide a Guarantor who will be responsible for paying your rent, if you fail to do so.

Sharing Preferences

Any preferences you request are not guaranteed and full details of the accommodation allocated for you will be set out in the offer and accompanying information links.

Leaving Early

The tenancy agreement will be for 41-51 weeks (depending on which accommodation you choose). If you wish to leave before the tenancy expires, you will still have to pay the rent. The tenancy is not transferable, but the University and Unipol will normally release you early from your tenancy agreement if a suitable replacement student tenant can be found to take your place. Full details of cancellation conditions and charges are given in the standard terms and conditions of residence referred to above.

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