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Sam Manning (BA Honours Marketing, 2012)

Sam Manning (BA Honours Marketing, 2012)

Sam is currently working as a B2B marketing analyst for the Leeds-based digital marketing agency, Epiphany. Before this, he was part of the company’s graduate scheme.

Sam really enjoyed his time at Leeds Met, and was pleased by the structure of his course: “The hands on approach to marketing projects, supported by the tutors’ enthusiasm for the course, added a lot of value for me.” He is conscious of the value that his degree holds, as his time at Leeds Met worked as a stepping stone for him to access the industry and obtain the job he wanted. “Without a marketing degree, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the position I’m in now.”

Sam highly recommends Leeds Met to other students, and stresses the need to make the most of your free time, particularly the long summer vacation. He also took the chance to enhance his student experience by delving into the various extra-curricular activities that are on offer here: “I joined the boxing team shortly after starting my course, and found that the facilities on offer combined with the social aspect of being in a team really enriched my time at the university.”

It wasn’t just about the course outcome for Sam: he was aware of the importance that being accepted onto a graduate scheme could hold for him whilst still studying. The scheme he was a part of allowed graduates to revolve around the different departments within Epiphany for a year, effectively allowing them to learn what digital marketing is before applying for a specific role.

Sam has some advice for those students who are about to graduate and considering employment or a training scheme: “I’d always recommend a graduate scheme ahead of a ‘normal’ job role, as I think they add so much value to your burgeoning career. Look out for companies who offer a good graduate scheme, and apply for them as soon as possible. When you see a job that is right for you, do everything in your power to get it. Concentrate on a handful rather than a mass outreach approach, and you’ll soon see the benefits.”

Following the completion of his graduate scheme, Sam attained the position he is currently in, and relishes the company’s cultural ethos. He enjoys the manner in which Epiphany brings together its employees through an understanding of the need to work hard in tandem with still enjoying yourself: “We’ve had ice cream vans, barbecues, pub quizzes, and even bands playing at the office!”