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Flávio Junger de Oliveira (MA International Communications, 2013)

Flávio Junger de Oliveira (MA International Communications, 2013)

Having being born in Brazil, Flávio has been splitting his time between Brazil, France, the UK and the Netherlands since 2000. After graduating from Leeds Met in 2013, he has worked on intercultural inductions, training the CEO of Heineken EMEA about Brazilian culture before his transferral to Brazil. This is in addition to his involvement with the Geert Hofstede Consortium in promoting the Master in International Communication (MIC) internationally as their Ambassador, and his position in Media Relations and as the Regional Representative Brazil at the World Communication Forum.

Flávio came to Leeds Met in order to pursue a double Master’s degree, combining his studies here with work completed at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. He feels that his time spent with Leeds Met helped shape his perspective on global jobs, a field he was naturally interested in considering his background, and which was consolidated after he graduated.

Whilst a student here, Flávio was one of the 55 students selected out of more than 3,000 applications to participate in the NRG Battle: World Edition, part of the World Gas Conference that took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2012. He looks upon this career highlight proudly, particularly due to the fact that many of the unsuccessful applications came from such world-renowned academic institutions such as Harvard, Cambridge, MIT and Oxford.

Other career highlights for Flávio include his position in Media Relations at the World Communciation Forum. “I have helped secure many partners for Brazil here, through generating an outreach of around 500,000 through the Brazilian direct media partners. This includes Communicadores, one of the largest communication media outlets in South America, with more than 377,000 followers/likers.”

Flávio would particularly recommend Leeds Met to others, considering it a great place to develop PR and English language skills, particularly for those who, like him, come here from non-English speaking countries. He also highly recommends our libraries: “Leeds Met has amazing access to so much information – including one of the best libraries that I have seen in a University – and a huge advantage is the fact that it is 24/7! I would say that having a library open every day, and open at any time of day, is truly remarkable.”

Flávio currently lives in the Netherlands, and provides consultancy on intercultural communications, stakeholder engagement and digital communications to companies around the world.