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Hazel McGrouther (Events Managament, 2001)

Hazel McGrouther (Events Managament, 2001)

After graduating from our University, Hazel went on to carve out a unique career path that has taken her across many industries and sectors with plenty of amazing experiences and opportunities.

Hazel began work with Mean Fiddler, now Festival Republic, in the advertising department. When the post of Festival Assistant arose, she promptly took the role and worked with Festival Republic’s Events team for a year before departing to travel the world.

On her return, Hazel worked for Phil McIntyre Entertainment, a company handling the comedy tours of acts such as Peter Kay and The Mighty Boosh. Whilst working for Phil McIntyre Entertainment, Hazel also freelanced for Festival Republic. It was at Phil McIntyre Hazel had her favourite role as Assistant Tour Manager for the live tours of Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice, she enjoyed this role the most because of “the excitement of being on tour”.

After leaving Phil McIntyre Entertainment to freelance full-time in Events at multiple festivals including Glastonbury, Hazel drastically changed her career to become a Firefighter in the London Fire Brigade for four years. This decision was spurred from a desire to “put something back into the community” and from a closeness to tragedies such as the Boxing Day tsunami and wanting to help people in those situations. Her interested was initially sparked from a friend she worked with part-time who had a full-time job in the Fire Service.

When addressing whether this was the career she wanted, Hazel said that “At the start of my career, I did get what I wanted because I worked with companies like Festival Republic in Events-based roles.” She added; “I went to work at more festivals, so I’ve been in Events for a long time.”

Hazel’s work in the Fire Service led to her current role as Events Manager for the London Fire Brigade. Moving forward she plans to move into the humanitarian sector.

Hazel is a great example of how a degree from Leeds Beckett is a great launching pad to an amazing varied and enriching career.