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Ayyappadas Vijayakumar (MSc Digital Video and Special Effects, 2013)

Ayyappadas Vijayakumar  (MSc Digital Video and Special Effects, 2013)

Ayyappadas was working as a freelance visual effects and motion graphics artist even before he graduated in the summer of 2013.

He is an international student, having come to Leeds Met from India, and his passion for the University is shown through his career highlight to date – he has completed a total overhaul of the Leeds Metropolitan University brand animations, and his completed products are being used in marketing videos across the social media output of the University.

Ayyappadas knew very quickly that Leeds Met was the university for him when he was applying: “I wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a visual effects artist – I was searching for a suitable course that would satisfy my curiosity. I found a near-perfect course in Leeds Met’s prospectus and then there was no stopping me!”
University isn’t the only thing to have captured Ayyappadas’s fancy – he is acutely aware of the importance of community, and has also worked on design products for firms throughout the city, including Voodoo Events, and the FUEL events held by Leeds Met Students’ Union.

This involvement in the community extended outside of study and jobs, however. Ayyappadas has long been involved in charity work, particularly in his native country of India. During his early school years, he was involved in procuring vital aid items for hospitals, and taking classes for children who could not afford education elsewhere. This developed further when he came to Leeds Met: “I was offered a position as an international global ambassador, and I rebooted my volunteering life! I also helped the British Heart Foundation and Arthritis Research UK, both in their shops and in street campaigning.”

Thanks to such experiences, Ayyappadas is highly enthusiastic about how Leeds Met has helped to shape his life: “I would give anything and everything to be a student there again! It is the only time in a person’s life where their only duty is just to study, and it’s so much more fun at Leeds Met!”

It is no surprise, then, that Ayyappadas would happily recommend Leeds Met to others: “Students will never feel alone because there is always someone around the corner who is ready to help you out. Leeds Met is truly metropolitan, in every way that I can think of!”

Ayyappadas will soon be working on more visual effects products for the university following his receipt of an invitation to return and build the animations for Leeds Beckett University this autumn.