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Fred Lane Fox - BA (Hons) Music Production, 2016

Fred Lane Fox - BA (Hons) Music Production, 2016

Fred Lane Fox - BA (Hons) Music Production, 2016

Fred Lane Fox graduated with a degree in Music Production in 2016.

He became interested in Leeds Beckett from his work experience at the BBC. “I did some work experience for BBC Music Introducing in Leeds when I left school.

"I had no idea what I wanted to do, and I overheard some of the producers and radio DJs there saying how it was a great course, so I applied! It was very sudden.”

After studying the modules Music in context and Music in industry, Fred realised he wanted to go into working in the industry rather than be an Artist/Songwriter or Producer. 

During the holidays at university, Fred aimed to complete as much work experience as possible. 

“I emailed literally thousands of labels, managers, music mags and recording studios, so by the time I left I’d already got five or six good bits of work experience, all in different areas and that was a good thing.”

He credits the course and explains how it really helped him to gain a good understanding of many aspects of the music industry. 

Now after four years since graduating Fred is already involved in managing his own act and has toured America with them twice. 

“I left university and started managing my own act, I planned a very DIY tour, got a friend to film it and we released music independently and had a nice bit of success along the way.”

Fred now works with UROK who manage artists such as Liam Gallagher, Jess Glynne and Plan B. He enjoys the role and credits his course at Leeds Beckett for giving him the understanding of how music works in the industry. 

“I think the course also gave me a very good understanding of how music works, how the recording, mixing process works, the importance of good song writing. This has helped me a lot when I speak to artists. People take you a lot more seriously when you understand what you’re talking about.”

There is no normal day in the office for Fred, every day is different. At present he is touring in the US with Jade Bird, so his days are mostly spent on a tour bus in a different state each day. 

Reflecting on his experiences Fred gives advice to current and upcoming students “Do it all, don’t say no to anything, you never know who you will meet and who will give you an opportunity. Also, if you do want to work in the music industry read Music: The Business by Anne Harrison. Make it your bible.”