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Melanie Etchart - BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design, 2015

Melanie Etchart - BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design, 2015

Melanie Etchart completed the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design course in 2015, going on to work as a freelance interior designer. Melanie is using her time and expertise to support current and recent Leeds Beckett students through online Q&A sessions, helping current students and recent graduates to negotiate the realities of life and work after university. She said “I believe it is important that students have access to the realities of the professional world in order to have a better understanding of their aspirations. Life after university can be very daunting, for some more than others. It is particularly the most vulnerable and worried that I feel compelled to reach out to and hopefully give some clarity on what can be a very confusing experience.”
On why she chose to study at Leeds Beckett Melanie said, “I chose Leeds Beckett University because the facilities and student support was outstanding in comparison to the other options that I had in mind. The course seemed very well rounded and Leeds was such a thrilling city that it was an easy decision to take. The course was very inspiring, it constantly challenged us to think outside of the box and it helped me discover myself as a creative. The course also gave me the opportunity to dive into many art disciplines and develop my interests and resources in a wider field, whilst it also taught me to apply the learnings into evocative and elaborate projects.”

She also discussed attending university as an international student, coming to study in the UK from Spain although originally from Venezuela.. “As a migrant of different backgrounds, working my way around university in a different language and culture, was certainly a challenge. However, I found myself in a welcoming environment and fellow students or university staff helped me focus on my studies and explore my potential. Ultimately, hard work, dedication and passion have been the key tools that helped me be where I am.”

Melanie is now a freelance interior designer and has a real passion for her work. “I love creating spaces that improve people's lives and working with inspiring people that love what they do. Being an interior designer entails having many different roles. Research, space planning, concept design, sketching, visualising and project management are just some of the different aspects of the profession. It is a constant learning experience every single day and being able to take on different responsibilities makes the job exciting.”

Melanie had one final piece of advice for current students. “Be kind to yourself and get plenty of sleep! Never be too scared to share your ideas; in my experience, constructive criticism and self-reflection are key to having successful ideas. University is the time to grow your interests, discover what creative process works best, and what makes your mind spark. Once at work, knowing where or how to find inspiration will prove key to achieve unique and beautiful projects.”