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Pavla Beier

Pavla Beier - Childhood Studies, 2012

Pavla Beier - Childhood Studies, 2012

Pavla Beier - Childhood Studies, 2012

Palva Beiber graduated in 2012 and is working as Assistant Artistic Director at Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah. Her job is varied and covers a multitude of different things on a day to day basis, sometimes I'm a actor and sometimes I'm a Director if I'm working with teachers.

"When I was looking for a course to reach my personal aspirations, I found the Childhood Studies course at Leeds Beckett University and it really tied in with what I do, even though my work is obviously totally theatre based – it's education, it's about child development. It's about understanding your audience before you can even make anything for them, so I think for me that the childhood studies angle would mean that I would get to know my audience better." Palva says.

"I have already recommended this course to a friend who works in theatre and she said that it sounds amazing because it's the background – you're working with children and you know what works from what you try out and what you do with them in the classroom or in whatever space you're in with them, but actually understanding what is going on for them in their minds potentially because of where they're at in their development is fascinating."