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Vanessa Barnes

Vanessa Barnes - Human Resource Management, 2011

Vanessa Barnes - Human Resource Management, 2011

Vanessa Barnes - Human Resource Management, 2011

Whilst working for Bettys as a temp PA, she gained a permanent position with a CIPD study package and she decided to do this at Leeds Beckett University and graduated in 2011 and has moved into HR Management.

"What was good about this qualification at Leeds Beckett University was the lecturers. They were really helpful and a good point of reference so you can then go and work out what it means for you in your role. The modules were really transferable and I got a lot of knowledge on the programme. The course was well structured because I could use the learning and apply what id learn to what I was doing."She says.

She goes onto say: "Taylors are going through lots of change, lots of opportunity and Yorkshire Tea is our biggest seller, it's our main product and its variants; we have a premium, Yorkshire Tea Gold and a decaf. The range has an ethos around quality and value. Our coffee brand has grown really significantly; it's the number one in the market in roast and ground now, so yeah a really exciting business. We've got ten new graduates coming in, in September so the business is growing and bringing in additional people, so it's attracting new people in to take new opportunities."