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Cecily Fearnley (Law, 2008)

Cecily Fearnley (Law, 2008)

After graduating from her LLB Law at Leeds Beckett, Cecily began working for her family business and three years later became the Managing Director of her company Sweet Cecily's.

Cecily says: “launching the newest range of natural cosmetics was a personal dream of mine that to see this come to fruition has been amazing. I have just returned from South Korea where we hope to begin exporting so that's also really exciting."


Cecily had a wonderful time at University: “I loved my time there and feel like it definitely helped form me into the person I am today. The lecturers on my course where fantastic and really encouraged individuality and supported my decisions to study for my LLB but perhaps not continue down that avenue.”


When asked about her favourite memory from University she recalls: “finishing working as a student guide and being given bags full of leftover croissants and food, and dishing it out to all the homeless people I passed on the way back to my house.”