Carnegie Class of 78-82 Scholarship

A life changing and career defining experience

The Carnegie Class of 78-82 Scholarship was set up by graduates who studied at the Carnegie School of Physical Education from 1978-82. The graduates wanted to set up the scholarship to help current students have the same opportunities they had.

The scholarship is awarded to one first year student each year, studying in the Carnegie School of Sport. The successful student, will have excelled in their entry qualifications, and is the first in their family to attend university.

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Our time here instilled in us the core principles of integrity and fair play. Our education also gave us the confidence and expertise in sport education and the communication skills needed to go out and improve the lives of others through physical education and sport, help people in the community and serve the wider society.

We hope that the scholarship will allow the recipients to make the most of university life and help them to make those same lifelong friendships and bonds which have supported us all in both good and challenging times."

Janet Reveley BEd Physical Education, 1981

our Carnegie Class of 78-82 Scholars

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