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Auburn haired woman

Studying BA (Hons) Criminology with Psychology

Demi-Louise chose her course because she has always been interested in helping people. At home, she cared for her disabled mother, who taught her that she could do the same with others. Demi-Louise’s mother’s condition means that she is unable to support Demi-Louise financially. Demi-Louise also works part-time for Voodoo Events doing promotional work which fits around her studies.

After her graduation Demi-Louise is keen to work with people who are on the edge of society, who people are scared of and turn away from, such as people in prisons.

The Bright Futures Scholarship will help remove the anxieties caused by worrying about affording university. For someone to comes from a background like mine, paying for university seems like a daunting task. Thank you so much to the Bright Futures Scholarship supporters, it’s such a selfless thing to do, you don’t know how much of a difference you’re making. Without this Scholarship, people wouldn’t have the opportunity to follow their dreams

Almost a third of first year students have either already dropped out of university or are considering leaving. Recent research tells us that students from disadvantaged backgrounds are much more likely to do so, with money worries being a key driver for this. Ellie-Louise is just one of many talented students who need additional financial support to achieve their potential, in 2016 we received over 100 applications for a Bright Futures Scholarship. The rising cost of living and the introduction of tuition fees mean a student can feel they have no other choice but to leave university in their first year. Bright Futures Scholarships give students who are struggling financially a much needed boost at a time when they need it most.

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