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Dark haired woman in white shirt

Studying BA (Hons) Social Work

Lucy is no stranger to challenges, having dropped out of her A Level studies twice to take care of her mother and deal with financial demands. After completing an access to university course last year whilst raising her young family Lucy was awarded a place at Leeds Beckett.

Lucy is a single mother of a son, four, and a daughter, 18 months, who also cares for her children’s great-grandmother. In addition to looking after her family she works on a voluntary basis supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged people struggling with challenging periods in their lives.

It’s such a relief to both me and my family to receive the Bright Futures Scholarship. University should be about education, not about finances. University is one of the routes that can break the cycle for people from low-income areas like mine where unemployment is high but so many are deterred by their financial situation. I really want to show people back home that you can achieve your potential by working hard.

Almost a third of first year students have either already dropped out of university or are considering leaving. Recent research tells us that students from disadvantaged backgrounds are much more likely to do so, with money worries being a key driver for this. Jasmine is just one of many talented students who need additional financial support to achieve their potential, in 2016 we received over 100 applications for a Bright Futures Scholarship. The rising cost of living and the introduction of tuition fees mean a student can feel they have no other choice but to leave university in their first year. Bright Futures Scholarships give students who are struggling financially a much needed boost at a time when they need it most.

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