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Studying BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing

Rameesah is a student nurse who in her spare time enjoys Wing Chun – a form of martial arts. In addition to her studies she volunteers with Leeds Health Watch and is a Social Media Ambassador for Youth Watch. Rameesah is passionate about how we can provide better social care for young people.
Attending university was a concern for Rameesah due to her parents’ financial situation and being afraid that she might accumulate debt she would be unable to pay back in the future. She has a Saturday job in a pharmacy which helps with some of the costs associated with university, as well as giving her the opportunity to learn relevant skills.
In addition to her studies, part-time employment and voluntary work Rameesah is also determined to volunteer abroad in a country where there is a great need for her skills.

In my family attending university is very prestigious and having the chance to get a degree is so exciting. I’m so grateful to Leeds Beckett alumni who have donated to the Bright Futures Scholarships. I really want to ‘pay it forward’ by using some of the money to volunteer with GAP Medics in Tanzania or Thailand to boost my confidence and give me great hands on experience. It’s not every day that people put their faith in you as a person, thank you to the donors for keeping the spark alive in me to succeed.

Almost a third of first year students have either already dropped out of university or are considering leaving. Recent research tells us that students from disadvantaged backgrounds are much more likely to do so, with money worries being a key driver for this. Rameesah is just one of many talented students who need additional financial support to achieve their potential, in 2016 we received over 100 applications for a Bright Futures Scholarship. The rising cost of living and the introduction of tuition fees mean a student can feel they have no other choice but to leave university in their first year. Bright Futures Scholarships give students who are struggling financially a much needed boost at a time when they need it most.

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