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Why donate to Leeds Beckett University?

As one of the most popular universities in the UK, we are committed to ensuring that the opportunity to experience and benefit from an education at Leeds Beckett University should be open to all regardless of their background.

Students have been studying at our university for almost 200 years and we remain committed to ensuring that they have a rewarding experience and we help to unlock their potential. 

The support of our alumni community helps to make Leeds Beckett University more accessible to people regardless of their background or financial situation. Many alumni choose to make a donation or set up a regular gift to support our students through programmes like the Bright Futures Scholarships.

Each year the generosity of our alumni and friends enables us to support talented students at Leeds Beckett University. Our alumni community have a direct impact on our students to help them to achieve their potential.

As a former speech therapy student and a current donor to Leeds Beckett, it was a pleasure to find out my donations are supporting someone studying the same subject. I am proud to be able to support a current student and help them to find the same joy and happiness that I have enjoyed in my career.

Christine Sherlock, BSc (Hons) Speech & Language Therapy, 1983

We could do so much more

This year we awarded five Bright Futures Scholarships, but we could do much much more. 175 students applied for a scholarship in 2017/18, and in order to enable talented individuals from any background to benefit from the same opportunities that you did, we want to be able to offer more scholarships and bursaries. 

To make this a reality, our Bright Futures Scholarships provide financial support to undergraduate students who otherwise might struggle with the costs of their university education, giving £1,500 to talented and deserving students at the university. The scholarships help students struggling with the living costs of university to be able to make the most of their education without financial pressures. These awards help students to be able to cover the costs of travelling to and from university, help them to buy course books to make the most of their education, and help them with accommodation costs.

Some of our alumni and friends support students through separate scholarships such as the Sir Bob Murray CBE Scholarship or the Professor Bligh Scholarship, supporting students from specific backgrounds or rewarding academic achievement in a certain area.

Each year the generosity of our alumni and friends means that through the Bright Futures Scholarships, we can make a direct impact on the lives of deserving students. Everyone who has supported these scholarships has made an incredibly valuable decision to offer a brighter future to the next generation of Leeds Beckett students.


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